Monday, February 14, 2011

Things are getting done!

Happy Valentine's Day!

As a present I finished TWO freelance projects! YAYZ!
1 more to finish and 2 more to start before my self imposed commission blackout takes effect and I can focus on some selfish art FOR ME!! Muahahaha! ::wrings hands menacingly::
Which mostly just means I'll have more time to work on cooler, more experimental stuff and really take my art to the next level. So it's really all for you lovely people, in the end.

Enz's postcard to be given out at the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas:

Enz's is a really cool store in the East Village of NYC that sells LOTS of super cute dresses, purses and jewelry!

Also did a portrait of NYC burlesque troupe The Rhinestone Follies:

The Rhinestone Follies are a classical burlesque troupe based in NYC featuring (L to R) Hazel Honeysuckle, Beelzebabe Agogo and Kita St. Cyr! They perform regularly at the R Bar on Bowery- I highly suggest checking out one of their shows!

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