Saturday, February 26, 2011

Her Royal Craftiness!!

So with my self-imposed commission blackout on the horizon, I've started playing around with some of the stuff I want to experiment with. One of the things I wanna work on is alot of new merch ideas for my tables at comic conventions! My 'NYC BFF' Christy gave some awesome ideas and links to places for really cool jewelry supplies.

Here's some of the stuff I've been working on with that:

There's rings, necklaces, charms for earrings and zipper pulls, magnets, brooches and little tin stash boxes!

I'm still figuring out the process of making everything, but I'm super excited about the rings and stash boxes!! I hope to have a ton made for MoCCA and Heroes Con coming up!

I'm also working on another project where I'm taking these little wooden coffin boxes and I'm going to paint them black, decoupage some artwork on them, add embellishments like beadwork and glue in some red velvet on the inside.

I'm drawing some vampire girls special just for this project!

A mock-up to check the sizing- looking good so far! I'm also going to add artwork to the sides as well!

Finished art!!

Next one I'm doing is a Lady Blacula!

Not sure exactly how much I'm going to charge for these yet. I need to make the first one and judge on that how big of a pain in my ass they are to make and price them accordingly.

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