Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Epic wedding video is epic.

Ok, ok- one more wedding entry and I PROMISE I'll post more artwork!!

I just *have* to share the AMAZING movie GEBBS Wedding Films 
shot of Phil and I's wedding day.

(be sure to FULL SCREEN this baby!)

Please check out more of GEBBS's films at his website! He is available for hire!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting back in my groove!

Now that all the wedding craziness is over I can get back to focusing on my artwork and working fulltime freelance from home! For practice I did two new pinups!

This cute lil' sailor girl, titled 'First Mate' I did as an exploration of different coloring techniques, including a limited palette (there's only 7 colors which is VERY limited for me!) and halftone shading. I might try and see about getting her printed as a tshirt somewhere, since now that I am liberated from my old dayjob of designing tshirts I can actually explore techniques I learned there at my own pace and on my own artwork.

This next piece I did is a portrait of one of my favorite characters from all time, Angel from Rock & Rule. This actually started out as a doodle in a sketchbook from about 2 years ago that I came across last week and decided to breathe new life into. For me coming up with the bare concept of a piece is the hardest part, which I why I so rarely just sketch. I have to have some sort of idea already in my head. But yeah, I lucked out with this little piece where I was able to fix it up and take it to finishes. Which is quite a feat for me with any Rock & Rule fanart as that movie's art style is what I ultimately want my own art to be like and the challenge was to draw the characters without the piece being derivative. I think I did pretty ok, it's like a weird marriage of both my and R&R's styles.

In non-drawing creativity I've been flexing my design muscles as the unofficial Art Director and VP of Marketing for my BFF's DIY company Little Asian Sweatshop, designing flowers and pimping her etsy store out to the masses. My husband Phil is also revamping her whole logo/branding scheme and it looks frigging adorable.
Some of the new hair flower designs I've made are ON SALE NOW!
Click the links to be taken to the etsy listing!

Black and White Mod Rose Hair Flower Fascinator

Burgundy Ombre Damask Pattern Rose Hair Flower Fascinator

And my personal favorite:

Baltimore Maryland Crab Mini Hair Flower Fascinator

(which is also available as a boutonnière!)

I have lots more flower designs in the works for Little Asian Sweatshop, some pretty high concept! Be sure to bookmark the store and check back on the regular!

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