Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gearing up for ALL-CON in Dallas!!

Holy crap you guys! My 2015 convention schedule is starting up even earlier than usual: next month (March 12-15) I will be in Dallas, Texas for All-Con! This marks my first convention outside of the east coast as well as my first time visiting the state of Texas! How exciting! Thanks to my pal Taffeta Darling for hosting me during this show. I'm pumped to meet all my new friends and fans- and how lucky you guys are that are attending- you've got the first pick of all my new merch, including new prints, jewelry and accessories! I'm still trying to figure out what to wear as well, considering this is a new state and a new convention- most of the folks attending haven't been keen to my antics, so what's old is new again! I'm thinking definitely my Wonder Woman and The Baroness outfits are coming out to play (especially with my awesome new foundation garments) and I seriously can't wait to take a break from this craptastic North East weather.

Here's some of the 5x7" print sets I'll have, $5 each!

6"x11" Sailor Mermaid print sets!
Even MORE bracelets!
NEW 8.5x11" prints- Pee-Wee, Heathers and The Marbles!

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