Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome back, Space Girl

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting much, been super busy, got alot of unfinished stuff I'm working on all at once. A couple commissions have rolled in, along with a piece I'm working on for the upcoming artbook that my new friends Girls Drawin Girls are putting together. It's a fun concept, it being, obviously , a group of female artists who all draw girls, it's an artbook featuring all girls, all with the theme different desserts. I got 'tiramisu' as my theme, so I'm drawing up a Strawberry Shortcake-meets-loligoth-meets-burlesque chick in lots of brown andcreme stripes and frilly layers. Also got my first bulk purchase order of Roller Girl necklaces from my old pals the Charm City Roller Girlsthat I've been filling out, along with 'generic' roller girls necklaces for my Artist Alley table at the upcoming Baltimore Comic Con. I'm also working on new artwork that will work better as jewelry, with more of a 'hanging' or 'floating' composition. I noticed alot of my artwork that I've already created features characters standing on a ground plane, which looks cool when it's on a square piece of paper, but as a piece of jewelry it looks kinda awkward. At least to me. So yeah, I'm drawing some new stuff that will be specifically for my line of accessories.

Including, this adorable new lil' Space Girl:

Which I'm working into jewelry, along with an even *newer* version of the Roller Girl necklace! I'm hoping the Roller Girl necklaces does especially well at Balt Comic Con with the new derby movie Whip It coming out the week before.


I'm also working on packaging for the jewelry/accessories I'm doing, here's a prototype for the derby girl necklaces. Working retail for 6 years taught me the importance of good presentation and merchandising, plus I'm not going to be able to stand over every jewelry purchase and make sure each person visits my blog/twitter/facebook/etc, so some clever packaging at least leaves a calling card of sorts and will hopefully drive some more traffic and interest over to my other art.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

VOTE to make my art into a TOY!

OH DAMN!!! This is it, folks- vote for my Miss Mary Jane design to be made into a limited edition TOY by Patched Together. That's right- A TOY. They do awesome stuff- my friend and fellow artist Miss Monster has already gotten two awesome toys made from her work that you can see here (check out her 'concepts'). OMG, let's make this happen guys!

Click here to go VOTE!!

Art Show: Beautiful Women: An Interpretation of Beauty

On Sunday August 9th me and Phil made the hot and humid trek out to Hoboken, NJ to Paul Vincent Studios to see the show Beautiful Women: An Interpretation of Beauty, which I had 4 pieces in. My friend Lau was nice enough to give me the hot tip on the group show going on, and I was able to just slide in before the deadline.The space is really cool, it's in a group of warehouses that are rented out to various creatives. You could hear bands practicing in the adjoining spaces outside.

The four pieces I had up were Bettie, Miss Mary Jane, OMGWTFBurlyQ and Swing Shift Cinderella.

Unfortunately it was SO DAMN HOT and about to storm that we could only stay for about 2 hours, but I hope to work with Paul Vincent Studios again, they were super nice and very professional. And had Magic Cookie Bars. Om nom nom.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My 1st ever interview, courtesy of!

I recently got interviewed by Fracture Magazine, a super cool online magazine about roller derby and the subculture built around it. It's my first ever interview, so I'm a little rambly, though I also go on and on in real life anyways, so it's pretty honest. ^__^

Check it out right here!!!

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