Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays, all!

Christmas is right around the corner so from my family to yours, have a wonderful holiday! 

See you in 2014!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Yay outfits!

The past month or so hasn't been a super busy one for personal art as my lettering work has picked up significantly, but I did get to do some fun events and got some cool new wardrobe staples. (I don't know if you know this about me- but I *really* like dressing up.)

Career Day at PS 333 in the Bronx!
I took part in PS 333 in the Bronx's first ever career day where I got to share what I do day-to-day with a bunch of 2-5 graders. It was more of a fair-type setting as opposed to me talking in front of a group, so I basically had my convention table set up with a more kid-friendly vibe. I even drew bras over all the exposed boobs in my artbook in case they wanted to flip thru it. I'm not really around kids too much so it was a bit challenging trying to boil down everything I do into a couple sentences, especially when the kids are trying to write down what you say as you're saying it. Eventually I just summed up my career as 'I draw cool stuff and sell it.' Which I'm ok with.

One of my new favorite outfits.
My BFF Fenny made me this AWESOME comic SFX skirt and got me a Jump From Paper bag for my birthday! I've gotten REALLY in to circle skirts this year, and with circle skirts you GOTTA get a crinoline. The thing I love most about circle skirts compared to tighter-fitting pencil skirts is that I can actually eat in them and not worry about my gut showing.

New dress coat from Trashy Diva!
I also scored a dress coat from Trashy Diva on clearance! A dress coat is a coat that's cut with a circle skirt in mind so that it won't crush your dress. I've wanted one for years now, and if you wear full skirts as well I can't suggest one enough. This one is also made of heavyish velvet so it weighs down my skirt enough that a cold wind won't blow it up!

Oops I gothed.
I also got some new makeup as a birthday present to myself, including Lime Crime's Styletto, which is an excellent creamy black lipstick. And also my favorite color to wear behind red.

Going to a Christmas party!
  What I really like about black lipstick is the 'challenge' it presents of keeping it tasteful. I don't want my outfit to be all about the black lipstick, but rather harmonious with the whole cohesive look. I think cuz I hide it in plain sight. Everything else on my face is high contrast black and white (bangs, eyebrows, eyeliner, glasses) so it's not as jarring. Being at home all the time really makes me jump at opportunities to dress up for outings, especially since my day-to-day life I'm dressed rather scrubby. I find my outfits get more and more eccentric the more time I'm allowed to get ready. I think it harkens back to my days as a goth.

Oh! And I actually have SOME art to show you.

Sailor Moon tight pencils.
Sailor moon poster color roughs.
I'm still chipping away at the Sailor Moon piece I'm doing for the Moon Crisis show in LA next summer. Really, really excited/terrified about this. It's probably my most ambitious piece to date.
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