Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays, all!

Christmas is right around the corner so from my family to yours, have a wonderful holiday! 

See you in 2014!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Yay outfits!

The past month or so hasn't been a super busy one for personal art as my lettering work has picked up significantly, but I did get to do some fun events and got some cool new wardrobe staples. (I don't know if you know this about me- but I *really* like dressing up.)

Career Day at PS 333 in the Bronx!
I took part in PS 333 in the Bronx's first ever career day where I got to share what I do day-to-day with a bunch of 2-5 graders. It was more of a fair-type setting as opposed to me talking in front of a group, so I basically had my convention table set up with a more kid-friendly vibe. I even drew bras over all the exposed boobs in my artbook in case they wanted to flip thru it. I'm not really around kids too much so it was a bit challenging trying to boil down everything I do into a couple sentences, especially when the kids are trying to write down what you say as you're saying it. Eventually I just summed up my career as 'I draw cool stuff and sell it.' Which I'm ok with.

One of my new favorite outfits.
My BFF Fenny made me this AWESOME comic SFX skirt and got me a Jump From Paper bag for my birthday! I've gotten REALLY in to circle skirts this year, and with circle skirts you GOTTA get a crinoline. The thing I love most about circle skirts compared to tighter-fitting pencil skirts is that I can actually eat in them and not worry about my gut showing.

New dress coat from Trashy Diva!
I also scored a dress coat from Trashy Diva on clearance! A dress coat is a coat that's cut with a circle skirt in mind so that it won't crush your dress. I've wanted one for years now, and if you wear full skirts as well I can't suggest one enough. This one is also made of heavyish velvet so it weighs down my skirt enough that a cold wind won't blow it up!

Oops I gothed.
I also got some new makeup as a birthday present to myself, including Lime Crime's Styletto, which is an excellent creamy black lipstick. And also my favorite color to wear behind red.

Going to a Christmas party!
  What I really like about black lipstick is the 'challenge' it presents of keeping it tasteful. I don't want my outfit to be all about the black lipstick, but rather harmonious with the whole cohesive look. I think cuz I hide it in plain sight. Everything else on my face is high contrast black and white (bangs, eyebrows, eyeliner, glasses) so it's not as jarring. Being at home all the time really makes me jump at opportunities to dress up for outings, especially since my day-to-day life I'm dressed rather scrubby. I find my outfits get more and more eccentric the more time I'm allowed to get ready. I think it harkens back to my days as a goth.

Oh! And I actually have SOME art to show you.

Sailor Moon tight pencils.
Sailor moon poster color roughs.
I'm still chipping away at the Sailor Moon piece I'm doing for the Moon Crisis show in LA next summer. Really, really excited/terrified about this. It's probably my most ambitious piece to date.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Art updates! Nov 2013 Edition!

Exciting news! I was accepted into Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Show! It's out in California next summer and I get to display my work alongside some of my contemporary art heroes like Babs Tarr and Megan Lara! I am crazy super excited to take part. Plus I'm hoping some of these galleries in Cali will finally take notice to my work and offer me more opportunities to take part in more pop culture-themed shows (I'm looking at YOU, Gallery 1988...).

SO excited to take part that I'm already sketching the layout for my piece, which is looking to be pretty big. It was suggested I make my piece in the same vein as my Visionary Tattoo Festival poster, which as of right now is (in my humble opinion) my best piece of art ever. So I'm going for a VERY text-heavy gaslight Victorian style that is going to incorporate the WHOLE SAILORMOON THEME SONG... because apparently I hate myself. But I love all of your eyeballs. ::cries::

I've also been sketching some Pearly Whites characters for warm ups in between commissions.

Althea, the suit-loving raconteur.
Althea and Rasheeda. Pearly Whites: already passing the Bechdel Test.

As of yet unnamed demon character. Basically Boris Karloff wearing Max Shreck's suit.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My birthday and wedding anniversary!

Hey everybody! It being fall, the convention season (for me at least) is over. However to make up for what my BFF Fenny and I have dubbed 'PCD', or 'Post-Convention Depression' I have both my husband and my birthdays to look forward to as well as our wedding anniversary. The end of October and beginning of November have become a bit indulgent, to say the least. Lots of cake and dinners and drinks to smooth over the fact that I won't be behind another convention table for 6 months. Which is a relief as the winter months are when I plan out most of my upcoming year's conventions and major projects but a bummer cuz I'm not as social.

My husband Ballsy, with his cake on his birthday 10/15.
My cake on my birthday 10/30, from Momofuuku Milk Bar.
Birthday dinner date at Madiba in Brooklyn, an awesome South African joint.
I ALWAYS let my server know it's my birthday. Cuz HELLO FREE CAKE.
My husband and I at Santos Anne in Brooklyn for our anniversary on 11/2.
I'm starting to also get over the most debilitating part of my 'PCD', which is my inability to draw for the first couple weeks after a show, especially one as major as NYCC. I think it's part over-stimulation and a need to process everything. It being the end of the convention year all of my work has been presented, so I need to figure out what my next step is with my art. I have to take a moment to step back and assess my art and figure out what my next steps are to make my stuff even better. Also lots of time to really hunker down and get back on plotting out my eventual comic Pearly Whites, which is coming along nicely. So here's looking forward to a productive fall and winter!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Aftermath: NYCC 2013

On Saturday I dressed up as a rockabilly Lum from Urusei Yatsura!
 New York Comic Con 2013 is my final show of the year, which is both relieving and disappointing at the same time. My artist alley table was a rousing success and I sold out of several pieces of merch, which is phenomenal. I came in Thursday with a full suitcase and left Sunday with it at about a third the capacity! That's right- Thursday to Sunday! NYCC is SUCH a crazy busy convention it goes full speed for 4 days (the only other that does this is San Diego!). In fact I made back most of my table cost just on Thursday! It was crazy! I didn't really get to see much of the show floor due to being mobbed at my table all weekend- it literally took me over an hour from saying that I was going to go to the bathroom to actually being able to break free from my table, haha. NYCC was great way to close out the convention year for me though, I got to see so many friends and fans and sell a lot of my merch and gave away over a thousand of my cards to (hopefully) new fans and future customers! Looking forward to next year when Fenny (of Little Asian Sweatshop) and I plan to get a booth on the main floor!
On Thursday! Lookit that energy! Haha, that won't last!

My table setup alongside Sara Woolley, who was kind enough to share her table with me!
2013 marks my *6th YEAR* of vending tables at Artist Alley as a professional illustrator. And it definitely seems with the success I've had at my tables this year I'm finally starting to find my footing in these crazy dog-and-pony shows. I've become confident in the level of professionality and universal appeal my merchandise has achieved over the years and look forward to creating even more merch featuring my art for you all to have as part of your lives.

Me and cosplayer Jennifer Rose, dressed as my Rockabilly Rogue!

Me as Lum on Saturday!
I don't normally do convention sketches, but a couple of lucky friends caught me off guard.

For booth neighbor Ashley Riot of her original character

For Marsha Cooke's Lady Gaga-themed sketchbook

Here's some video of my table on Friday:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BIG NEWS! I'll be at NYCC Artist Alley table O-13!

Thanks to the generosity of friend and fellow NYC Drink & Drawer Sarah Wooley, I will be sharing  Artist Alley table #O-13 and selling my wares ALL WEEKEND LONG of NYCC 2013 with her.

And I have MORE STICKERS that I will be selling at my table. 

Miss Mary Jane sticker!

Nurse on a pill sticker!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stickers, cosplayers and progress videos! Yay!

Hey guys! Lots of random, neat stuff going on at the Paigey labs. Thought I'd share it with you!

~I got my very own cosplayer!! Super awesome cosplay chica Jennifer Rose dressed up as my Rockabilly Rogue from my X-Men redesigns (that I still want to draw more of, but alas...) at this year's Dragon*Con! She NAILED IT! I'm already plotting to steal her sweater clips. Apparently she'll be at NYCC and I really hope to get a picture or two with her- cuz OMG! :D

~Also after returning from Baltimore Comic Con I decided to reinvest my profits into some fun new merch, this time around being my first sets of full color, all weather vinyl stickers (a la So far I've got my chibi Bride of Frankenstein made and I've got my Miss Mary Jane on a pipe and my Nurse on a pill coming super-super soon in sticker form. I'm super happy with Stickermule's stickers. They look great and have this nice rubbery matte texture that's unlike any stickers I've really seen around. The prices are also reasonable, there's low minimums so you don't have to buy a BAZILLION stickers with each order and the shipping was way fast. There's a wide variety of product as well. I highly suggest them for your sticker needs.

~I'm getting some of my original vellum inks of the art I did right before Baltimore Con together and have been finishing them in that weird technique I've been doing where I color them like animation cels. Here's some quick videos and process shots!

Also: haha, I'm a dork. 

…so I totally ‘ship’ Wanda Woodward from Cry-Baby with Biff Tannen from Back to the Future. I mean they’re like MADE FOR EACH OTHER. They’re both SO HOT AND SO MEAN.  Wanda could have moved to Cali after the events of Cry-Baby and met up with Hill Valley’s most loved degenerate somehow and.. and…. Hey! Where are you going???

I'm down with OTP, YEAH YOU KNOW ME.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Aftermath: Baltimore Comic Con 2013

Another Baltimore Comic Con in the books! This show marks my *6th* year as a working professional artist on the convention circuit. (Though it feels like SO MUCH LONGER- haha.) 
Baltimore Comic Con has always been a favorite show for me. It's my hometown show, so there's always a TON of people who come by my table. Baltimore has perhaps the most loyal fans of any show I've ever done. Plus I also get to see friends from so many different times from my life. By the end of the show my voice was ragged and my face hurt from smiling so much.  
Again I was set up with my BFF Fenny of Little Asian Sweatshop and we brought our newest partner-in-crime Maria Danalakis along as well.

I am SO GLAD to hear starting next year BCC will be a 3 day show! Set up early on Saturday mornings was one of my only gripes- it just sets you up to be frazzled and tired for the rest of the weekend.

Overall Baltimore (as always) was a very successful show and it was great to see so many friends and fans! 

Here's some video from the table on Saturday!

Friday, August 30, 2013

A couple new chibi pieces!

Not much to report! Prepping for Baltimore Comic Con next week and drawing to de-stress. Haha. 
These are just for fun, mostly. And to keep myself sharp with my coloring and linework. Plus I can always use them for magnet sets, mini-print postcards and I'm actually thinking of getting the Frankenstein couple made as a sticker set this fall.

Tex Avery's Red and The Wolf

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