Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stickers, cosplayers and progress videos! Yay!

Hey guys! Lots of random, neat stuff going on at the Paigey labs. Thought I'd share it with you!

~I got my very own cosplayer!! Super awesome cosplay chica Jennifer Rose dressed up as my Rockabilly Rogue from my X-Men redesigns (that I still want to draw more of, but alas...) at this year's Dragon*Con! She NAILED IT! I'm already plotting to steal her sweater clips. Apparently she'll be at NYCC and I really hope to get a picture or two with her- cuz OMG! :D

~Also after returning from Baltimore Comic Con I decided to reinvest my profits into some fun new merch, this time around being my first sets of full color, all weather vinyl stickers (a la So far I've got my chibi Bride of Frankenstein made and I've got my Miss Mary Jane on a pipe and my Nurse on a pill coming super-super soon in sticker form. I'm super happy with Stickermule's stickers. They look great and have this nice rubbery matte texture that's unlike any stickers I've really seen around. The prices are also reasonable, there's low minimums so you don't have to buy a BAZILLION stickers with each order and the shipping was way fast. There's a wide variety of product as well. I highly suggest them for your sticker needs.

~I'm getting some of my original vellum inks of the art I did right before Baltimore Con together and have been finishing them in that weird technique I've been doing where I color them like animation cels. Here's some quick videos and process shots!

Also: haha, I'm a dork. 

…so I totally ‘ship’ Wanda Woodward from Cry-Baby with Biff Tannen from Back to the Future. I mean they’re like MADE FOR EACH OTHER. They’re both SO HOT AND SO MEAN.  Wanda could have moved to Cali after the events of Cry-Baby and met up with Hill Valley’s most loved degenerate somehow and.. and…. Hey! Where are you going???

I'm down with OTP, YEAH YOU KNOW ME.


  1. I fell in love with your art. I love how you draw Women! You make sexy pictures without the overkill. Your use of colors are pretty amazing. Your love for this kind of art shows.

  2. Dont know what's hotter. The drawing of Rouge or the Co-Play version!


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