Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Holy cats there's so much going on in the next couple months I think I might have a brain aneurysm trying to do it all.

The Mode Merr Spring Spectacular went AWESOME! I had SO MUCH FUN and it was so EFFIN' COOL to hang out backstage with some modern burlesque legends, and I was beyond honored to be able to share the stage for even just a minute with them. Also grabbed some dresses on the cheap- word to the model discount. And bonus awesome-I got asked to draw the flyer for the next Mode Merr event! OMG!

My friend Maria got some real quick video of my modeling (careful it's WAY LOUD):

Also some pics from the event:

Me n' Ballsy in the photobooth at The Bellhouse

Me in the bathroom after getting my hair done

In other news, been working practically everyday on these 2 projects that are due next weekend. The bodycast for FancySexyMe's launch party is coming along. I need to pick up some printable decoupage paper and start laying the images on, hopefully this weekend when I put myself down on art-lock. The other piece of art I'm simultaneously working on is a new Charm City Roller Girls bout poster for when they go up against teams from Texas and Missouri in June.

This is a work in progress shot:

It's going to be an homage of the classic Savage She-Hulk #1 cover, which I've always thought was awesome.

So both of them are due next weekend, which is also when I'm doing the Vs Project 4 person art battle, which yeah I'm kinda terrified about cuz that competition is stiff, yo. I'm the only one of the 4 who isn't a published comic book artist or animator. I just design sub-par shirts for mass market consumption of the lowest common denominator during the day and boobies at night. But hey, it's cool. I'll be the underdog. I'm like Rudy! :D

Really, I'm just excited that there are people who actually think I can compete on a scale with these other 3 mad talented folks. Even if I totally crash and burn (which I'm fully expecting to), it's still awesome exposure for myself and my art.

The VS Project, or... Holy shit- what did I get myself into?

So I'm taking part in a 4 person draw-off next weekend against 3 very crazy talented artists at Local 269, the Lower East Side bar that also hosts Drink & Draw. You should come and holler for your girl.

Hello All our Creatives, Friends & Fans!

Its that time again, The Ukre8 Community brings you the next installment of The VS Project LIVE!

Saturday May 8th 4pm-9pm
@ LOCAL 269
269 E houston St
New York, NY

In January we had 2 artists compete in a Japanese Art style.

This time we are mixing it up! We will have four artists in this creative challenge & We are using a bracket system to determine this events' champion! The audience will be more involved and help with deciding the direction of our theme.

Art, Friends, Fans & Creativity!

Even though we are featuring 4 artists, that doesn't mean you can't bring your sketch book and show off you skills too!

Please pass this info around. This event is open to everyone. Can't wait to see you there!

a division of
The UKRE8 Community

You will be able to vote online if you can't make it to the event!

**** Update 4/28/10 ****
The 4 Artist for this LIVE event are:





Monday, April 19, 2010

Navigating the shitstorm that is spring in NYC

Oi! After having a nice, quiet weekend to myself after MoCCA's madness, I'm flung face first back into the craziness of art-making and hand-shaking.

Lots to tell you about- so let's get on it, shall we?

FINALLY finished my Misfits piece, which was a burr on my butt for the better part of a month n' a half. I did this specifically for The "B" in BK Doll Show, which I did the flyer for and will have a small table where I'll be selling prints and signing copies of the flyer. Should be interesting, as a doll show/expo I'd imagine to have a different sort of crowd from my usual comic cons. But yeah, if you're planning on attending the "B" in BK show, please note that THE DATE HAS CHANGED TO JUNE 12-13th! It is no longer in May, please mark your calendars accordingly! Since I've got a little extra time between now and then, I'm gonna try and do something else doll-related for the show if time allows.

Check out the show site here!

In other news, I've got a couple projects cooking away on the front burners that due in about month or so. One of them is a body (boobie) cast I get to decorate and embellish with the Paigeyness, for my jewelry-making pals over at Fancy Sexy Me's launch party next month.

The bodycast is of erotic writer Rachel Kramer Bussel. What I figured I would do, since I had to incorporate Rachel, Fancy Sexy Me and Shag (the venue) into the design, is I'd make them all old-school style tattoos. Then I can have several different subjects going on while working in the composition of the human body. Blah, blah, blah, art jargon, art jargon. I also love tattoos. Plus it's a total happy coincidence that Sailor Jerry Rum is a sponsor- really works with the motif. :)

So yeah, I kinda REALLY HATE PAINTING. To fix this problem, all the tattoos for the bodycast that I put on are going to be drawn out on paper and colored on photoshop and printed out and decoupaged onto the cast. So the entire body will be covered in Paigey artwork unique to only this project.

Here's the first tattoo I've drawn up- Rachel's that will go on the shoulder. Fancy Sexy Me's will be a chest piece and Shag's logo will go across the stomach. I'm gonna throw various other tattoos in there as well, including one of myself as a pinup that I'm thinking will go on the wrist.
This is a pretty fun project so far. I hope it works out, as I've never really decoupaged anything before, let alone something with as many slopes and curves and crannies as a human body. Finger crossed, guys.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mode Merr Spring Spectacular is NEXT SUNDAY!

Hey NYers! Next Sunday April 25th from 3-8pm is the Mode Merr Spring Spectacular at The Bell House!

I get to be up onstage with some of my favorite burlesque performers and representing one of my all time favorite clothing labels!

An afternoon of shopping, burlesque, live music, hot rods & more!







3PM - 8PM, $10 ADV/$15 DOS TIX

*****GET THEM HERE!!!*****

Check out the video from last year:

Mode Merr - Fashion Show Spectacular - 2009 from Suzanne Hillinger on Vimeo.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Aftermath: MoCCA April 10-11

Ooooh weeee! Whatta weekend!!

Thursday April 8th was my FIRST EVER SIGNING at Jim Hanley's Universe in Manhattan. It was a pre-MoCCA Fest Women in Comics get-together featuring some really awesome independent female comic creators all chosen by Jim Hanley employee and awesome cartoonist in her own right Rachel 'Ronnie' Freire. I was so excited to take part in it I was the first girl to show up with merch in tow, giant shit-eating grin on my face. Lots of friends came by to show their support and it was awesome to sit alongside such amazing ladies. Hopefully next signing I'm a part of I'll actually have a comic! ;D

Friday the 9th I headed over to 192 Books on the West side with my pal game designer Christy Sawyer for Drink & Draw Like a Lady, a meet and greet for female cartoonists and creators. It was soooo crowded! Christy and I mostly just hung out in the corner, since it was shoulder to shoulder people and partook of the free wine being offered. Needless to say, we got a little tipsy.

Photo by The Jenya, see the rest of her shots here! And some more shots from the evening here!

As Christy and I were walking home we came across someone throwing away A GIANT CASIO KEYBOARD. @__@ So OBVIOUSLY we had to take pictures pretending to play it!!

Saturday and Sunday were the ACTUAL con! (I did all that before the actual con? Jeezums!)

I had a small sliver of a table (only half of a normal table- at $250 a pop that was all I could afford!) but that didn't stop me from rocking the spot. Fortunately it was on the end of an aisle, so I could set up everything on my table then sit/stand to the side. Saturday of the convention was INSANE! As a friend described, I was 'holding court' for 7 straight hours! It was so great to see so many friends and fans, it was like every time I turned around someone else was there for me to talk to. It was also exhausting! At one point when I was particularly exhausted, my friend Kyle Baker introduced me to one of my artistic idols, Jamie Hernandez, of Love & Rockets fame and what resulted was a hilariously awkward five minutes of us standing and looking at each other and nodding and smiling. I being intimidated because he's an amazing artist and creator of one of my fave comics, he being intimidated by me because I'm a foot taller than him with rather big knockers. (LOL!) By the time it was nearing the end of Saturday I was so fatigued from being so excited to talk to everyone I skipped out on the afterparty (which sounded to be a bust anyways) and just grabbed sushi and beers with Ballsy and some of my pals from DC Comics.

With some fans from SVA- they were so cute!

Me and my merch, shot by Reid Cooper

On Sunday the con calmed down a little bit, as is typical for the last day, and I had a chance to do some sketches for fans.

Disco Dazzler

Beautiful Dreamer from The New Gods

All in all I'd definitely chalk up this convention to a success, I'm still on the fence over whether or not I'll do it again next year, mostly because the tables are so expensive.

PS: If anything though this con has started to ignite some fires of initiative with me getting off my bum and getting on doing a comic. Had some great conversations with people about what I want to do and where I want to take my work that was very motivational. I ordered the book 'Story' by Robert McKee at the urging of my old friend Maximo Lorenzo, so hopefully that'll help me out.

PPS: I also discovered a really awesome comic being put out by a chick who came to MoCCA all the way from Portland! Her name's Catherine Peach, and she does the adorable comic 'Pussy Fuzz', which I am in LOVE with! Soooo cute! You can check out her work here! My favorite find of the convention- even though I never actually walked around. She actually had the brilliant idea of walking around selling her comics as a cigarette girl, and even had mini-comics in cigarette boxes. If I get the table at NYCC I actually want my best friend/PR agent Fenny to kind of do the same sort of thing with my promo stuff, since that con will be insanely huge.

PPPS: Forgot to post this video of MoCCA taken by The Action Room. You can see me at 1:41 for a half second.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Got my MoCCA table assignment! A-26!

That's about it. I'll be at table A-26 for the duration of MoCCA Fest next weekend (April 10-11), so if you're in the area swing by, say hello and maybe buy something. ;D

In other news, I'm going ABSOLUTELY BONKERS waiting to finally hear some sort of confirmation on my table for New York Comic Con, that I submitted for back in November. NOVEMBER!! I've been waiting 5 months and been checking my email every 15 minutes since 7am because TODAY IS THE DAY THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO TELL US. It's 11am now.

This is how I feel about that:

EDIT: My friends who are also waiting for notification have just alerted me: THEY'RE NOT TELLING PEOPLE TIL MAY 1ST. GAH!!!
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