Monday, April 19, 2010

Navigating the shitstorm that is spring in NYC

Oi! After having a nice, quiet weekend to myself after MoCCA's madness, I'm flung face first back into the craziness of art-making and hand-shaking.

Lots to tell you about- so let's get on it, shall we?

FINALLY finished my Misfits piece, which was a burr on my butt for the better part of a month n' a half. I did this specifically for The "B" in BK Doll Show, which I did the flyer for and will have a small table where I'll be selling prints and signing copies of the flyer. Should be interesting, as a doll show/expo I'd imagine to have a different sort of crowd from my usual comic cons. But yeah, if you're planning on attending the "B" in BK show, please note that THE DATE HAS CHANGED TO JUNE 12-13th! It is no longer in May, please mark your calendars accordingly! Since I've got a little extra time between now and then, I'm gonna try and do something else doll-related for the show if time allows.

Check out the show site here!

In other news, I've got a couple projects cooking away on the front burners that due in about month or so. One of them is a body (boobie) cast I get to decorate and embellish with the Paigeyness, for my jewelry-making pals over at Fancy Sexy Me's launch party next month.

The bodycast is of erotic writer Rachel Kramer Bussel. What I figured I would do, since I had to incorporate Rachel, Fancy Sexy Me and Shag (the venue) into the design, is I'd make them all old-school style tattoos. Then I can have several different subjects going on while working in the composition of the human body. Blah, blah, blah, art jargon, art jargon. I also love tattoos. Plus it's a total happy coincidence that Sailor Jerry Rum is a sponsor- really works with the motif. :)

So yeah, I kinda REALLY HATE PAINTING. To fix this problem, all the tattoos for the bodycast that I put on are going to be drawn out on paper and colored on photoshop and printed out and decoupaged onto the cast. So the entire body will be covered in Paigey artwork unique to only this project.

Here's the first tattoo I've drawn up- Rachel's that will go on the shoulder. Fancy Sexy Me's will be a chest piece and Shag's logo will go across the stomach. I'm gonna throw various other tattoos in there as well, including one of myself as a pinup that I'm thinking will go on the wrist.
This is a pretty fun project so far. I hope it works out, as I've never really decoupaged anything before, let alone something with as many slopes and curves and crannies as a human body. Finger crossed, guys.

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