Pearly Whites

Here's where I'm sharing my character designs for my eventual magnum opus comic, Pearly Whites.
Awesome PW logo by my husband, Ballsy!

In preparation for actually sitting down and doing my fabled magnum opus comic series Pearly Whites, I'm drawing character studies and other fun stuff. I consider this separate from my usual pinup work, so it's all going in here.

The long-winded 'elevator pitch':
It's best described as almost an east-coast version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but from the monsters perspective. (I'm not even gonna pretend people aren't going to make comparisons.) It could also be considered a superhero team book if the superheroes all didn't wear costumes and have no actual mission to carry out. It's got action, horror, comedy, romance, drama, powers, drugs, fashion and pop culture references out the wazzoo. Alot of the stories and characters come from my 4 years of playing/DMing tabletop dice-and-paper RPG's like Vampire and Shadowrun in high school.

The main story follows our main character Amy, an amnesiac who is of unknown origins. She is haunted by two girls, Suzan and Fiona, who could be either ghosts, figments of her imagination or incorporeal aspects of her own personality. Or all of the above. Or something else entirely. She comes to live in a sort of halfway house for the supernatural called the Monster Lodge, which is occupied by a rotating cast of various werewolves, vampires, demons, witches, Frankensteins, mad scientists, fairies, and ne'er do well's. Many who comes to live at the Monster Lodge are there because they're running from something, which results in several character's pasts eventually catching up with them. Depending on the character, this can result in anything from riotous hijinks across the country (and sometimes across the world) to heartbreaking realizations that can shake the characters to their very cores.

Amy, our hero.

Althea. Fae.
Amy's dandygirl sidekick.
Devon. Promising young warlock.
Brother to Lisette.

Fiona. The Doomed Demonic Darling.
Daughter of Luther.
Niece of Maeve.

Janice. Vampire vigilante. 
Lisette. Demonic sociopath.
Best friend to Fiona. Sister of Devon.

Luther. Magnificent demonic bastard.
Father to Fiona, brother of Maeve.

Maeve. Demonic sorceress.
Beloved auntie of Fiona, sister to Luther.

Neil Bolton.
Rock & Roll Frankenstein.

Rasheeda. Tomboy werewolf.
Older sister of Reggie.
Reggie. Werewolf. Mission control.
Younger brother to Rasheeda.


Tony. Sniper/merc.
Partners with Yoko.

Trish. Vampire.
Alpha-bitch of the Underworld.

Yoko. Ninja mercenary.
Partners with Tony.
Darren DeLarge. Vampire.
Psychopath for hire.
Amy's ex boyfriend.

Cole Corman. Human. Barista.
Dates Amy.

Roscoe. Werewolf. Pawn broker of 'unique items'. Father of Reggie and Rashida.
Alternate Amy outfit.
The 'Overlook' dress.
Study of Amy's green fire powers.

16 characters down, a bazillion to go. Look for more designs soon! With the summer weather being absolute shit right now, this is basically all I've been concentrating my free time on. It's like I'm in high school again. I'm proud to say I'm further along to a cohesive plot than I've ever been in the 15+ years these characters have been running around in my head, and I'm taking serious steps to organize my thoughts and get my shit in gear to do my own goddamn comic. Woot.

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  1. I cant wait for this to come out. I would love to do an alternate cover for one of your works!


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