Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aftermath: Baltimore Comic Con 2010

The words 'holy shit' do not cover the enormity of awesomeness that was this weekend. Baltimore Comic Con kicked SO MUCH ASS this year that when all was said and done I was exhausted, had almost started crying like 3 times (for good reasons) and my face hurt from smiling so damn much. And I dressed up as Wonder Woman!

On a half-assed whim I had gathered a red top, yellow cinch belt and my electric blue Mode Merr skirt together and had decided it looked like a Wonder Woman costume if I had some way to get the stars on the skirt. 'What a simple, fun, easy costume this will be!', I thought, harkening back to my days as a cosplayer. After ruling out patches and iron-ons I decided that the best way to apply the stars was painting. Friday night before the con. At my parents house. After I got into Maryland from the bus which was an hour late. Simple, fun and easy right?? Ha! So after 5 hours of painting I finally finished at 1am.

It was totally worth the hard work though, it was very well received and my table/artwork got alot of extra attention from people coming by wanting to snap a pic of me. I was basically my own booth babe. Sometimes I do get the semi-patronizing 'you did these all by yourself?' from random passerby, but also I kinda take that as an off-handed compliment at the same time. I'm like one of those deep sea fish with the dangly light- I lure folks over to the table, then chomp on them with my art.

The *BIG* thing that happened this weekend was two of my artistic heroes, Eric Powell (The Goon, those awesome Nashville Rollergirls bout posters) and Dave Johnson (Drink & Draw Social Club founder, too much awesome shit to list) both came to my table to specifically say hello to me! Holy crap!! Like really, I almost cried I was so happy. I also went by the legendary Adam Hughes and his lovely wifey Allison Sohn's table to say hello, as I know Adam a bit from the convention scene for a few years and Allison and I go back to her being my life model at Kubert School.

With Adam Hughes

With Dave Johnson

Wish I had thought to have gotten a pic with Eric Powell and his uberhot roller derby girlfriend Rambo Sambo. :/ I was a bit star struck and wasn't thinking clearly as all of this was going on.

I was also interviewed by a pop culture blog called Jam Packed Productions that was going through artist alley on Sunday and talking to some of the artists. My segment begins at the 5:39 mark. My best friend/manager/sales associate/PR agent Fenny Lin also makes an onscreen appearance and yeah, wow, I knew my shirt was what I call one of my 'Boobie Shirts', but this may very well be the 'Boobiest of Boobie Shirts'. Cuz WOW. Thanks Pinup Girl Clothing!

I'm kind of starting to see myself as almost like the Christina Hendricks of the comic book industry.

Can't think of why exactly. 9_9

And I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came by and chatted, picked up a card to check me out later or even bought something, I super appreciate it! Next up for me will be Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Md on September 11th and 12th. I will also have a HUGE NEW TATTOO by then a well- of KITTY PRYDE. *Squee!* So excited!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Love Thursday 8/26/10

***The Kurgan from Highlander***

The Kurgan from the first Highlander movie has been one of my all time favorite movie villains since high school. Played by the amazing and versatile actor Clancy Brown, The Kurgan is so unapologetically vile, ruthless and brutal that he easily eclipses Christopher Lambert as the real star of the show. And he's just so... so... METAL! His leather jacket has ONE SLEEVE! And SAFETY PINS IN HIS NECK!!! ::swoon:: And he's got the sexiest evil voice ever. I dunno, I just love a villain who sounds like he swallowed a bag of gravel.

Fortunately someone on the internet made a music video of the best Kurgan scenes that properly displays that which makes him so awesome. TO MOTORHEAD. ::squeeeee::

I even started to draw The Kurgan for fun a few months back, but alas deadlines, commissions and other priorities got in the way and so my unfinished sketch sits on my cubicle wall at work, waiting for me to finish him. ::sigh::

***Strolling Tables***

Strolling tables are what looks to be a new thing to hit the party/entertaining scene where a costumed showgirl or drag queen is in the middle of a circular table with a hole cut in the center that is lavishly decorated and serves a double function of serving table and hostess.

Dude, so should've done this for my Artist Alley table at New York Comic Con- THAT would show them! Ah well, there's always next year when they inevitably reject me... again. /bitter
You can see more strolling tables at Screaming Queens- so frigging cool. Now I wanna make one myself, that looks like a giant polka dotted pinup girl dress.

***Simon's Cat***

I was recently shown the Simon's Cat cartoons through a friend who posted this one on her facebook. They are entirely too cute, and being a cat person I totally know exactly all of the scenarios all too well.

Be sure to check out the Simon's Cat channel on Youtube for more cartoons.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Influence Map Meme

There's a meme on Deviantart called the Influence Map, where you fill in various sized squares on a gridded template with various things that influence you as an artist. These don't necessarily have to be other artists like I put, for me that just seemed the most obvious choice. It's a pretty fun exercise, I enjoyed seeing artists who I am fans of filling it out as well. Interesting to see where we as artists come from.
From the template itself:
"As an artist, you are influenced by things. The reason why you do what you do is the combined application of all the things that influence you. If you run into a major block and cannot create new work, chances are you are forgetting what inspires you and need a refresher. Fill in these squares with everything that influences and inspires you to fuel the art you love to create. Refer to it as a kind of "map" in the future in case you get lost.
You can literally put anything in these squares-- photos of locations or people, other artist's work, artists themselves, video games, TV shows, music, movies and books. You name it, you can put it in there. Fill the grid by placing more prominent influences as larger images. A 3x3 image being the biggest."

You can download your own template here.

Here's mine:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Aftermath: Paigey at Saint & Sinners

So on Friday August 6th my 2nd ever solo show took place at Saints & Sinners Tattoo in Fells Point, Baltimore. What a crazy night! Getting down in the hometown! The show was primarily composed of framed digital prints of my work from the past 2 years, as well as a convention-style merch table where I was selling magnets, necklaces, prints, artbooks and Miss Mary Jane toys. There was also free wine, beer, cheese and crackers. My best friend Fenny even brought a tray of macarons- these delicious French cookies that one of new favorite things. Sooo many people showed up, including my parents, grandmother, brother and his wife and my aunt and cousins, all of whom never attended one of my events before- adding to the stomach-churning anxiety I had for weeks prior to the show. They all loved it and had a great time, it was so great to share this aspect of my life with them. Overall I'd say it was a smashing success and quite the place to be in Fells that night!

My work will be on display for the rest of August!

My mom did an awesome job of framing and matting everything for me- I owe her alot!

Lots of sexy ladies for Baltimore to enjoy!

The Pumphrey family in the house!

Merch! Buy it up!

Reuniting with old friends

Macarons!! Om nom nom!!! They were basically my dinner that night.

Me, struttin through the crowd. I was going for a spooky pirate brothel madame look.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cowgirl Up

Sexy Cowgirl's done!

That's about it. Started to get working on my Michonne (from The Walking Dead) pinup. All the while also getting ready for my art show this week down in Baltimore at Saints & Sinners, which looks to be a blast! Always enjoy these get-togethers. It's such a perfect opportunity to see all my friends from back home, catch up and they can see what I've been up to (at least art-wise, which is pretty much all I do anyways) since usually every other time I'm back in Maryland for a weekend it's for a specific event or I'm only there to see my family. I'm trying to make a solo art show in Maryland an annual thing.

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