Sunday, August 22, 2010

Influence Map Meme

There's a meme on Deviantart called the Influence Map, where you fill in various sized squares on a gridded template with various things that influence you as an artist. These don't necessarily have to be other artists like I put, for me that just seemed the most obvious choice. It's a pretty fun exercise, I enjoyed seeing artists who I am fans of filling it out as well. Interesting to see where we as artists come from.
From the template itself:
"As an artist, you are influenced by things. The reason why you do what you do is the combined application of all the things that influence you. If you run into a major block and cannot create new work, chances are you are forgetting what inspires you and need a refresher. Fill in these squares with everything that influences and inspires you to fuel the art you love to create. Refer to it as a kind of "map" in the future in case you get lost.
You can literally put anything in these squares-- photos of locations or people, other artist's work, artists themselves, video games, TV shows, music, movies and books. You name it, you can put it in there. Fill the grid by placing more prominent influences as larger images. A 3x3 image being the biggest."

You can download your own template here.

Here's mine:


  1. Great list of influences. Most of those would definitely be high up on my list as well. Rock N Rule!

  2. Thanks Joe C!!!! ;D

    And fuck yeah R&R!!! \m/

  3. fuck yeah Alan Davis! He will never get enough love.

    I did one of these too, and made it into a little puzzle:

    Influence Puzzle

  4. I keep seeing these maps... I just have to do one I guess! (Awesome map, by the way! Preston Blair = YES!)


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