Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Love Thursday 8/26/10

***The Kurgan from Highlander***

The Kurgan from the first Highlander movie has been one of my all time favorite movie villains since high school. Played by the amazing and versatile actor Clancy Brown, The Kurgan is so unapologetically vile, ruthless and brutal that he easily eclipses Christopher Lambert as the real star of the show. And he's just so... so... METAL! His leather jacket has ONE SLEEVE! And SAFETY PINS IN HIS NECK!!! ::swoon:: And he's got the sexiest evil voice ever. I dunno, I just love a villain who sounds like he swallowed a bag of gravel.

Fortunately someone on the internet made a music video of the best Kurgan scenes that properly displays that which makes him so awesome. TO MOTORHEAD. ::squeeeee::

I even started to draw The Kurgan for fun a few months back, but alas deadlines, commissions and other priorities got in the way and so my unfinished sketch sits on my cubicle wall at work, waiting for me to finish him. ::sigh::

***Strolling Tables***

Strolling tables are what looks to be a new thing to hit the party/entertaining scene where a costumed showgirl or drag queen is in the middle of a circular table with a hole cut in the center that is lavishly decorated and serves a double function of serving table and hostess.

Dude, so should've done this for my Artist Alley table at New York Comic Con- THAT would show them! Ah well, there's always next year when they inevitably reject me... again. /bitter
You can see more strolling tables at Screaming Queens- so frigging cool. Now I wanna make one myself, that looks like a giant polka dotted pinup girl dress.

***Simon's Cat***

I was recently shown the Simon's Cat cartoons through a friend who posted this one on her facebook. They are entirely too cute, and being a cat person I totally know exactly all of the scenarios all too well.

Be sure to check out the Simon's Cat channel on Youtube for more cartoons.

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  1. I forgot about the kurgan! Gonna have to watch highlander again I think...


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