Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've got a lot going on right now.

The past few months have been somewhat tumultuous. 2011 is definitely gonna be a crazy hectic year already and for some reason I'm just *compelled* to throw in more shit to do and more things to pine over. Things like getting married, getting ready for conventions, day job disgruntlements, wanting to do more flea markets, attempts at weight loss, etc., etc. It all adds up. Oye.

So to help me deal with all this craziness, I have been CRAFTING and DRAWING like a BEAST. Idle hands are the devil's playground and all. Plus I really shine when I'M STRESSED AS ALL HELL. @__@

So what have I been doing?

As a reaction to something particularly fucked up that happened at my day job last week, I drew this little doodle of myself as Spartacus from the season finale of Spartacus: Blood and Sand (which is an awesome show that I highly recommend, especially if you like nudity, bloody battles and colorful language). Protip: Never piss of a cartoonist. Or do, if you want to see them draw crazy pictures as they deal with their internalized rage.

I'm also working on a super-deformed pic of Phil and I for our upcoming wedding celebrations that I plan on printing out as cupcake toppers and making into Shrinky Dink magnets for wedding guest favors.

I finally finished Lady Blacula, who along with Varla (the blonde vampire pinup I did last month) round out my first edition of Coffin Girls that I'm decoupaging on small craft coffins and selling as stash boxes.

They'll be $40 each. Look for them at my convention tables and on my etsy page! My original source no longer carries the craft coffins I was using, so these might be it for awhile, at least until Halloween when I'm hoping there will be more readily available.

Another sketch I was playing around with. I had an idea for a series of pics that are pinup girls with a tattoo flash vibe. Another one of those projects that I'm working on when I have a second.

Also with MoCCA coming up next weekend I'm cranking out con merch as fast as I can.

Lots of glass jewelry, including rings and necklaces; as well as lipstick cases.

Packs of temporary tattoos! 6 designs- $10 each!

Bracelets! Prolly won't have any in time for MoCCA, but def will have some in the future!

Bottlecap necklaces! Only $5 each!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Internet Fame, you are a strange mistress indeed.

I consider myself a pretty with-it chick. I'd even daresay Internet Savvy. But I just don't really get Tumblr. Or maybe I just have too much other shit going on. Either way, one of my friends told me I was on some rather popular Tumblr called "Look at This Frakking Geekster", which is a play off "Look at This Fucking Hipster", which living in the hipster stronghold of Williamsburg, Brooklyn I am ALL TOO familiar with. Anywho, so LaTFG had posted a picture of me in my Wonder Woman costume from Baltimore Comic Con last August. You can read my recap from the weekend here. It's been re-posted and noted and all sorts of stuff on various blogs, many in support of curvy chicks (yay!). I don't understand it, but it's neat to read all these nice things people have been saying about me and my outfit. Especially since in my humble opinion, it's not the best picture of me. But hey, whatevs.

Really my only gripe is that I can't really get in on some of that traffic. Or can I???

Click the pic to be taken to Look at This Frakking Geekster

In other news, my team-up with my friend Ida's company Bitchcraft Apparel has yielded some awesome results, including the first round of lipstick cases which are now available in Baltimore boutiques, including Novelty Haus and 9th Life!

Novelty Haus

9th Life

BitchCraft & Paigey

If you're in Baltimore area, pop on by these awesome stores and check out their wares!!

Things I Love Thursday (3/10/11)

***Butthole Surfer's 'Who Was in My Room Last Night?' video***

You ever see something during your formative years that you forget about as you get older only to revisit it as an adult and find out it had a huge subconscious impact on you as a person? That's what I realized about this video. All the hot rod, low brow, kustom kulture stuff that I always had an interest in but only became a serious fan of in the past 3 years or so can probably be traced to me at 12 watching this video on Mtv and having my pasteurized suburban vanilla adolescent mind blown away. I had no idea what I was looking at but I wanted to. Unfortunately it being in the dark ages before the internet, I couldn't look up on Google who did the art for the video (which was Robert Williams, one of the founders of the low brow art movement) and me being a shy, nerdy 12 year old who was still holding on to her Ninja Turtle action figures, I was too intimidated by the 'cool' people in my neighborhood/school/limited social circles to ask about music or bands or anything. So it gestated for about 18 years til I randomly checked out the video on Youtube 18 years later. And all the pieces fell into place.

***Liquid Television's Dog Boy segment***

"Dooooog booooooy!!!! AWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO------!!"

I've sang the praises of Mtv's Liquid Television before. Oh back when Mtv had smart, relevant programming and actually played videos. Sigh... what's truly upsetting is when you're an oldie like me you remember all this awesome stuff Mtv used to do, and then you see how far the network has fallen. I'm looking at you, Jersey Shore.

Anywho, Dog Boy is based off the work of cartoonist Charles Burns, famous for his run on Black Hole. I love the use of prosthetics, post-production shot framing that looks like a panel and crazy lighting and set design. Everything looks like a comic strip, and I can't get enough of that rubber hair.

***Java's Bachelor Pad Radio Podcast***

From the website:
"Every week, The Bachelor Pad Radio Show features music every swinging bachelor needs to have. Lounge, cocktail, exotica, private-eye jazz, and even a touch of retro-swing from the likes of Esquivel, Martin Denny, Yma Sumac, Julie London, Les Baxter, Frank Sinatra, and many others. Tune in and enjoy! "

Java's Bachelor Pad radio is one of the only podcasts I listen to on a regular basis and it is for me the perfect music to draw to. With every episode I find at least 2-3 songs I simply HAVE to have on my iPod right after listening to it. Also, the Podcast ties in with Bachelor Pad magazine, which is a quarterly publication in the style of mid-century men's magazines. I have even taken ads out in a few issues for my blog!
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