Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday 7/22/10

So in pursuit of new blog content I am going to attempt to post 'Things I Love Thursdays', which are when every Thursday you post a small pictoral list of the things you are currently into. A few blogs I follow have been doing it and I think it's a neat idea.
Hopefully I can keep it up!


OM NOM NOM OM OMG! I have recently become obsessed with delicious, delectable ddukbokki since my friend took me to a Korean barbecue joint in K-town for my birthday last year. Apparently it's a popular street food in Korea. It reminds me almost of giant barbecue flavored Spagetti-O's that I get to eat with chopsticks.

***Blue Oyster Cult- Veteran of the Psychic Wars***

If I ever did burlesque, I'd so do a spacegirl number to Blue Oyster Cult's Veterans of the Psychic Wars. In a blue vinyl catsuit with silver gloves and boots. With a fog machine. And blue lights. And a bubble helmet. And it would be glorious.
And yeah, I know, I say 'if I ever did burlesque, I'd do a blah blah number to blah blah song' alot. ;P I CAN DREAM CAN'T I???
Believe me, if I didn't have 8 million pieces of artwork to do all the time I would sooo have jumped up on stage by now. Maybe one day when I go freelance and my side work becomes my work-work I can supplement my desire for extra-curriculars with rhinestones and pasties. In the meantime however, I'll just listen to this on my headphones on repeat every morning on the subway.

***Aeon Flux Liquid Television Shorts***

Words cannot describe how influential this short was to me at 12 when they played it on Liquid Television on Mtv.

***Fenny and I's cigarette girl/showgirl costumes for NYCC***

Coming up with ideas for my BFF Fenny and I's cigarette showgirl costumes for New York Comic Con in October. I'll be red and she'll be blue. With lots of sparkly star appliqu├ęs and gold fringe. Also not pictured are our cigarette trays that we'll be handing flyers off of. I'm already glue gunning rhinestones and sequins in my head. OMG our costumes will be EPIC. And I actually get to walk around a convention for the first time in 3 years!

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