Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Aftermath: NYCC 2013

On Saturday I dressed up as a rockabilly Lum from Urusei Yatsura!
 New York Comic Con 2013 is my final show of the year, which is both relieving and disappointing at the same time. My artist alley table was a rousing success and I sold out of several pieces of merch, which is phenomenal. I came in Thursday with a full suitcase and left Sunday with it at about a third the capacity! That's right- Thursday to Sunday! NYCC is SUCH a crazy busy convention it goes full speed for 4 days (the only other that does this is San Diego!). In fact I made back most of my table cost just on Thursday! It was crazy! I didn't really get to see much of the show floor due to being mobbed at my table all weekend- it literally took me over an hour from saying that I was going to go to the bathroom to actually being able to break free from my table, haha. NYCC was great way to close out the convention year for me though, I got to see so many friends and fans and sell a lot of my merch and gave away over a thousand of my cards to (hopefully) new fans and future customers! Looking forward to next year when Fenny (of Little Asian Sweatshop) and I plan to get a booth on the main floor!
On Thursday! Lookit that energy! Haha, that won't last!

My table setup alongside Sara Woolley, who was kind enough to share her table with me!
2013 marks my *6th YEAR* of vending tables at Artist Alley as a professional illustrator. And it definitely seems with the success I've had at my tables this year I'm finally starting to find my footing in these crazy dog-and-pony shows. I've become confident in the level of professionality and universal appeal my merchandise has achieved over the years and look forward to creating even more merch featuring my art for you all to have as part of your lives.

Me and cosplayer Jennifer Rose, dressed as my Rockabilly Rogue!

Me as Lum on Saturday!
I don't normally do convention sketches, but a couple of lucky friends caught me off guard.

For booth neighbor Ashley Riot of her original character

For Marsha Cooke's Lady Gaga-themed sketchbook

Here's some video of my table on Friday:

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