Monday, June 29, 2009

Reminder: Artists & Fleas on 7/18!

Artists & Fleas Flyer
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Hey there- big, wide ether that is the internet! Just a reminder to all my friends and fans in the NYC/ Brooklyn area I will be at the Artists and Fleas Indoor Designers Market all day Saturday July 18th peddling my wares Comic-Con style. Prints, artbooks, original pieces and full-body/full-color $65 commissions will be available for sale/order.
Also available for the FIRST TIME EVER will be ON-THE-SPOT commissions of greyscale head sketches that will be $15 each. (Please bring reference for specific characters)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wilma Martinez Project Progress

Ooh-rah! First 'real' post!

So my most current piece I'm working on is a faux comic book cover for my pal Defekto, who is an insane genius, for his twistedly awesome brainchild The Wilma Martinez Project. It will be titled 'Wilma's Romances', in the vein of old 50's EC romance comic covers and once completed can be viewed along with other amazing Wilma artwork at Baltimore's Artscape street festival. 

Defekto also shot me on a Baltimore rooftop in a vinyl catsuit for his Last Days of Polaroid project last year.

Dr. Sketchy's today! It's Alice in Wonderland-themed!

Dr. Sketchy's today with artist Trina Rose modeling! 
It's Alice in Wonderland-themed and there will be cupcakes!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hi, I just threw this together really quick. Look in the coming weeks for it to be more fancied up with art and the like. Thanks for stopping by!
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