Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'll be at Heroes Con this weekend!

Rolling out a new sticker/button design!

FYI! Beloved future husband Ballsy and I will be at Heroes Con this weekend at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte NC! Got a Small Press table, got a big rolling toolbox full of merch and a suitcase full of kooky outfits!
This being my first year attending Heroes I am SUPER excited! I've heard ALOT of great things and I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones! And drinking.

Click here for more info about Heroes Con!
Hope to see you there!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Dr. Sketchy's Baltimore Artstar Session!

The recap blog of my Artstar session is up over at the Dr. Sketchy's Baltimore chapter's blog!

The Dr. Sketchy's Artstar session that I sold merch and modeled at was a great success! It was pretty tough modeling for 3 hours straight with 3 different costume changes, which I probably would have limited to maybe 2 costumes. Leave it to me to over-exert myself for my fans. ;P

I had done a shorter length Sketchy's session for King Con Brooklyn last year that was about half as long and that didn't really prepare me for how physically challenging it is to hold even the most basic poses for several minutes at a time. ESPECIALLY IN HEELS AND A REALLY TIGHT CORSET (My friend Meredith laces corsets almost TOO effectively). There was a moment during the first 20 minute pose where I thought I might pass out, which would have sucked. Fortunately I didn't, and the audience was cool with me sitting back for the last 5 mins of the pose. I've always had respect for life drawing models, but now especially I gotta give them ALOT of credit. It's frigging hard work.

Be sure to check out the blog for more pics from the night and some awesome sketches, including some done by my friend Jeff Lance whose artwork is way awesome!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Extra! Extra! I'm in the paper!!!

While at MoCCA Fest last month I had the pleasure of meeting Holly Wilensky, aka The Dress Recycler who is a fashion blogger for The Queens Ledger up here in NYC, as well as The Brooklyn Star, Queens Examiner, LIC/Astoria Journal, Forest Hills Times and Greenpoint Gazette! She really dug my crazy 'convention drag' and my pinup art work so we got together on the phone after the dust of MoCCA Fest had settled and I told her what I was all about for the Local Designer Spotlight!

You can see the article in these following papers:

The Queens Ledger

The Brooklyn Downtown Star

Queens Examiner

Greenpoint Gazette

Long Island City/Astoria Journal

Forest Hills Times

"Paigey embodies fun, flirtatious and fabulous; a true live character who brings her designs to the public on a personal level, where people can really relate to what she is illustrating. “The lines tend to blur between my art and myself,” she said."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

All the world is waiting for youuuuu

So with the help of my pal Cyn Rudzis of British Ink in Washington DC I committed my love of Wonder Woman in one of the most permanent ways possible. You might remember Cyn from when I got my Kitty Pryde tattoo on my right arm last year. I absolutely adore her work and I always have so much fun getting zapped with hundreds of ink-filled needles by her that I decided it was time to make good on the trade her and I had talked about. (I *love* doing art for tattoos by artists I absolutely adore!!)

She really outdid herself! I love the red outline on the lasso and she worked in the Invisible Jet!! She even gave her the New Frontier-style boot guards and sword! BADASS!!!

In exchange I'm going to do a portrait of Cyn and her fellow British Inkers as a comic book cover. I'm leaning towards a Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD by Steranko type vibe with a little retro 007 movie poster thrown in. Once I start it of course, it's gestating at the moment. ;)

If you're in the Washington DC area and want to get a pinup tattoo (or really anything- check out her portfolio! The nature/animal/flower work she has is incredible as well) I can't recommend Cyn enough- her sense of composition, detail and color are sick, sick, SICK and her girls are some of the cutest around.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Next week! Dr Sketchy's Artstar session in Baltimore!

Hey all! Just letting you know if you're in the Baltimore area- I'll be modeling for Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School on Monday May 9th! Starts at 7pm but you might wanna get there a little earlier to get a good seat! Gonna be wearing some of my con costumes and they will be merch for sale! Check out the flyer!

From the FB invite:

"Please join us at our next night of drawing, drinking, and dames at the Windup Space on May 9, when we'll have a special Art Star session featuring illustrator Paige Pumphrey, aka Paigey!

Baltimore-bred, Brooklyn-based Paigey is a rockabilly sweetheart who specializes in comic-inspired pinups. Her girls are cherubic and cheeky and every smile is packed with personality! Is it life imitating art or art imitating life?

As always, doors open at 6 and drawing starts at 7--and seriously, show up early to get a good seat. We'll have crazy drawing contests with prizes from Atomic Books, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Baby Tattoo Books.

$8 at the door, and you must be 18+ to attend, and 21+ to drink. No photography or paints, please.

(Flyer by Paigey! Check out more of her work at http://theartofpaigey.blogspot.com/)

Full details and FAQs at http://drsketchysbaltimore.wordpress.com/"
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