Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Dr. Sketchy's Baltimore Artstar Session!

The recap blog of my Artstar session is up over at the Dr. Sketchy's Baltimore chapter's blog!

The Dr. Sketchy's Artstar session that I sold merch and modeled at was a great success! It was pretty tough modeling for 3 hours straight with 3 different costume changes, which I probably would have limited to maybe 2 costumes. Leave it to me to over-exert myself for my fans. ;P

I had done a shorter length Sketchy's session for King Con Brooklyn last year that was about half as long and that didn't really prepare me for how physically challenging it is to hold even the most basic poses for several minutes at a time. ESPECIALLY IN HEELS AND A REALLY TIGHT CORSET (My friend Meredith laces corsets almost TOO effectively). There was a moment during the first 20 minute pose where I thought I might pass out, which would have sucked. Fortunately I didn't, and the audience was cool with me sitting back for the last 5 mins of the pose. I've always had respect for life drawing models, but now especially I gotta give them ALOT of credit. It's frigging hard work.

Be sure to check out the blog for more pics from the night and some awesome sketches, including some done by my friend Jeff Lance whose artwork is way awesome!


  1. This gets a definite tweet! Paigey, do you make your costumes yourself?

  2. Thanks! Most of my costumes are repurposed, like my Wonder Woman costume which is mostly items I already had in my closet. The showgirl costume was designed by me, made by my bff Fenny and the feathered headdress and bustle were made by my friend and burlesque performer Kita St. Cyr.

  3. when are you guys doing this again. I would love to drink a bottle of jack (with a shot of coca cola) and draw. That would be a so fun!


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