Friday, September 14, 2012

Aftermath: Baltimore Comic Con 2012

Photo by Edward Boren
Last weekend at Baltimore Comic Con 2012 marked my *5th* year vending in Artist Alley as a professional artist! Wa-hoo! 5 years already? Crazy! 
It was also the debut weekend of my 2nd art book, Thanks For Your Support!, as well as my I (heart) Baltimore mini-print set! (Both of which are available at my etsy store!) My BFF Fenny of Little Asian Sweatshop and I both had our own Artist Alley tables this year which really showcased all of the awesome stuff we had for sale beautifully and with the extended floorplan we had plenty of room to be comfortable behind our tables.

Overall Baltimore yet again proved to be one of my best shows for the year, and this year in particular it was my best show (financially) ever! Being able to stay at my parent's house a mere 10 minutes away in my hometown of Glen Burnie allows me to save boku bucks in travel expenses, so Baltimore usually ends up being one of my most profitable shows of the year. Also with having such a history in Baltimore as the 'local kid making it in the big city', I also get lots of friends popping by the table as well as fans who have now become repeat customers who make sure to swing by the table every year. I was so busy in fact that I could barely leave to go to the bathroom without getting called back to sign an artbook or say hello to a visitor. It was dizzyingly busy, but then that's how I like it! Cons are such a fun, frantic tornado of friends and fans coming and going for 8 hours straight, once it was all finally over I took my hard-earned con money and had a big ol' 'Treat Yo-self' moment of a dozen jumbo steamed crabs. And OMG they were sooooo good.

I am eagerly looking forward to Baltimore Con 2013! 
I should hopefully have even more exciting new products and merch by this time next year, Fenny and I have some exciting ideas on the horizon!

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