Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paigey bags at Little Asian Sweatshop!

 If you are familiar with my work and follow my blog/social media posts, you know that my best friend Fenny runs a little design house on the side called Little Asian Sweatshop that I frequently supply art and product ideas for. It's about a year old now and we've come up with some really awesome, fun products that have gotten amazing reactions. Even getting love from websites such as boingboing, sogeekchic and Fashionably Geek. It's very exciting, and I  love seeing my artwork on items that have functionality and go beyond something you see in a book or on a screen or put on your wall.
 We recently began branching out into designing accessories involving custom printed fabric from, starting with simple pencil/makeup bags featuring my artwork! So far we've got three Paigey bags available at the Little Asian Sweatshop etsy store- Luchadoras, Sailor Mermaids and UTZ Girl. But we plan on doing A LOT more, including new types and sizes of bags and eventually even toys and apparel once we figure everything out.

Sailor Mermaids!
UTZ girl bag!
Inside the UTZ bag is potato chip fabric!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Boot the Foot: April O'Neil

I was recently invited to take part in my art pals Beast Wreck and Skummie's new art blog Skumm Beast presents Boot the Foot, which has several artists interpreting their favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters in their own unique way. My first piece, of April O'Neil is up and you can check it out along with a small quesstionnare regarding my history with the beloved franchise.  

Check out the full entry HERE!
I highly suggest checking out all the cool artwork involved!!!

Here's some sketches of the other characters I'm working on for future entries, including:

Mondo Gecko!
My all-time favorite action figure.

Irma! (and eventually Vernon)
Cuz no one else wanted to draw them!
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