Wednesday, May 11, 2011

All the world is waiting for youuuuu

So with the help of my pal Cyn Rudzis of British Ink in Washington DC I committed my love of Wonder Woman in one of the most permanent ways possible. You might remember Cyn from when I got my Kitty Pryde tattoo on my right arm last year. I absolutely adore her work and I always have so much fun getting zapped with hundreds of ink-filled needles by her that I decided it was time to make good on the trade her and I had talked about. (I *love* doing art for tattoos by artists I absolutely adore!!)

She really outdid herself! I love the red outline on the lasso and she worked in the Invisible Jet!! She even gave her the New Frontier-style boot guards and sword! BADASS!!!

In exchange I'm going to do a portrait of Cyn and her fellow British Inkers as a comic book cover. I'm leaning towards a Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD by Steranko type vibe with a little retro 007 movie poster thrown in. Once I start it of course, it's gestating at the moment. ;)

If you're in the Washington DC area and want to get a pinup tattoo (or really anything- check out her portfolio! The nature/animal/flower work she has is incredible as well) I can't recommend Cyn enough- her sense of composition, detail and color are sick, sick, SICK and her girls are some of the cutest around.


  1. Nice tattoo! Been mulling over a design for years and looks like the gal who did your piece might pull it off quite nicely. Mine is a spacegirl theme, based on a design I saw from an old timey newspaper political ad. I think it was from WW2, when they actually started letting women do things outside of the house, out of necessity.

  2. I just found you via the Girls Drawin' Girld blog. I love what I've seen of your work so far (and I love your Wonder Woman tattoo!) Look forward to seeing more from you!



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