Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aftermath: Baltimore Tattoo Convention/ Small Press Expo

This past weekend (Sept 11-12) was SMALL PRESS EXPO down in Bethesda, Md! Yet another Maryland con where I can crash at my parents house or with Fenny my BFF (thus saving on expenses), SPXpo is an independent comic convention- no big 2 here! I had a 1/2 table where I set up a more pared down selection of my wares since I had sold through so much at Baltimore Comic Con 2 weeks previous.

I had fun, but I'm probably gonna hold off attending as an exhibitor next year. Between saving money for my big venture out to Heroes Con next year, it also wasn't as financially successful as my other tables in comparison, especially those at more mainstream cons. It's funny, I'm in a weird middle ground when it comes to my work. I'm seen as a kind of charming oddball novelty at the more classically defined comic conventions versus almost being daresay a sort of corporate shill lacking the indie cred at the independent shows. Dunno, I kinda got that vibe a bit. I was joking that if I came back next year I would make a Xeroxed comic called 'Monkey Poo Donkey Piss' that was created on a 2 day bender of 3 tabs of acid and Mountain Dew and watch the cash roll in. I did see a few people who recognized me from my work with Charm City Roller Girls which is always nice and from various mailers I send out containing promo postcards to comic shops in the area, which is nice because here I thought I was just shoving them out into a void.

And yes, if you've noticed my upper right arm is considerably more *COLORFUL*, it's because I had spent that Friday at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention getting my Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat tattoo zapped on me by the amazingly talented and inspiring Cyn Rudzis of British Ink in DC.

Laid down the transfer! We're going in!

Outlines! No turning back!!

This was my first ever tattoo convention! It had a pretty cool vibe- and didn't start til 2 and went til midnight! Tattoo folks know whats up!

I sat for 5 1/2 hours- longest tattoo yet! Cyn said I had awesome 'butter' skin that took the ink amazingly well. I also was called 'a rock', a goddess', 'the Baddest Bitch in Baltimore' and 'sat like a champion, not even showing signs of breaking til the last 5 minutes' by tattoo artist/British Ink owner Paul Roe, who is an awesome Teddy boy with the sweetest British accent. I could listen to him tell me great things about myself all day. ;D

Also couldn't get over how GORGEOUS Cyn is- loved her dress. So classy! So well put together! And even better- she was an ABSOLUTE BLAST to hang out with!

So now I guess I've got to beef up on my Kitty knowledge and prepare myself for when I inevitably get quizzed by other fans on her exploits.

Also, EXCITING: I'm going to do an art trade with Cyn/British ink for tattoos! So I can get ANOTHER pinup on my OTHER ARM!!! ::SQUEE!!:: I'm thinking it's probably going to be Angel from Rock & Rule in her street clothes, either with microphone or keytar, in the old school style like Kitty's in. The gears are turning!!!

After SPXpo on Saturday night Fenny and her husband J took me out to a Korean BBQ joint called 'Honey Pig' in Northern Virginia- THAT'S OPEN 24 HOURS! Whaaat??? I've been curious about KBBQ, I've had it a couple times and enjoyed it but I need someone to hold my hand when I dive into a new food culture.

OMG it was SOOOOO delish. We got a ton of food- ribs, pork and a scallion pancake. I also had several shots of rice wine, which knocked me a little on my ass.

Mmmmmmmeat.... ;d

Also! Also! My Maid of Honor present from Fenny finally came!! After several botched attempts at pre-ordering a few different statues, we finally werte able to locate the uber-sexy Rockin Jellybean (one of my fave artists) Invisible Woman statue. OMG soooo hot! She has PANTY LINES!

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