Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Internet Fame, you are a strange mistress indeed.

I consider myself a pretty with-it chick. I'd even daresay Internet Savvy. But I just don't really get Tumblr. Or maybe I just have too much other shit going on. Either way, one of my friends told me I was on some rather popular Tumblr called "Look at This Frakking Geekster", which is a play off "Look at This Fucking Hipster", which living in the hipster stronghold of Williamsburg, Brooklyn I am ALL TOO familiar with. Anywho, so LaTFG had posted a picture of me in my Wonder Woman costume from Baltimore Comic Con last August. You can read my recap from the weekend here. It's been re-posted and noted and all sorts of stuff on various blogs, many in support of curvy chicks (yay!). I don't understand it, but it's neat to read all these nice things people have been saying about me and my outfit. Especially since in my humble opinion, it's not the best picture of me. But hey, whatevs.

Really my only gripe is that I can't really get in on some of that traffic. Or can I???

Click the pic to be taken to Look at This Frakking Geekster

In other news, my team-up with my friend Ida's company Bitchcraft Apparel has yielded some awesome results, including the first round of lipstick cases which are now available in Baltimore boutiques, including Novelty Haus and 9th Life!

Novelty Haus

9th Life

BitchCraft & Paigey

If you're in Baltimore area, pop on by these awesome stores and check out their wares!!

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