Friday, August 20, 2010

Aftermath: Paigey at Saint & Sinners

So on Friday August 6th my 2nd ever solo show took place at Saints & Sinners Tattoo in Fells Point, Baltimore. What a crazy night! Getting down in the hometown! The show was primarily composed of framed digital prints of my work from the past 2 years, as well as a convention-style merch table where I was selling magnets, necklaces, prints, artbooks and Miss Mary Jane toys. There was also free wine, beer, cheese and crackers. My best friend Fenny even brought a tray of macarons- these delicious French cookies that one of new favorite things. Sooo many people showed up, including my parents, grandmother, brother and his wife and my aunt and cousins, all of whom never attended one of my events before- adding to the stomach-churning anxiety I had for weeks prior to the show. They all loved it and had a great time, it was so great to share this aspect of my life with them. Overall I'd say it was a smashing success and quite the place to be in Fells that night!

My work will be on display for the rest of August!

My mom did an awesome job of framing and matting everything for me- I owe her alot!

Lots of sexy ladies for Baltimore to enjoy!

The Pumphrey family in the house!

Merch! Buy it up!

Reuniting with old friends

Macarons!! Om nom nom!!! They were basically my dinner that night.

Me, struttin through the crowd. I was going for a spooky pirate brothel madame look.

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