Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Holy cats there's so much going on in the next couple months I think I might have a brain aneurysm trying to do it all.

The Mode Merr Spring Spectacular went AWESOME! I had SO MUCH FUN and it was so EFFIN' COOL to hang out backstage with some modern burlesque legends, and I was beyond honored to be able to share the stage for even just a minute with them. Also grabbed some dresses on the cheap- word to the model discount. And bonus awesome-I got asked to draw the flyer for the next Mode Merr event! OMG!

My friend Maria got some real quick video of my modeling (careful it's WAY LOUD):

Also some pics from the event:

Me n' Ballsy in the photobooth at The Bellhouse

Me in the bathroom after getting my hair done

In other news, been working practically everyday on these 2 projects that are due next weekend. The bodycast for FancySexyMe's launch party is coming along. I need to pick up some printable decoupage paper and start laying the images on, hopefully this weekend when I put myself down on art-lock. The other piece of art I'm simultaneously working on is a new Charm City Roller Girls bout poster for when they go up against teams from Texas and Missouri in June.

This is a work in progress shot:

It's going to be an homage of the classic Savage She-Hulk #1 cover, which I've always thought was awesome.

So both of them are due next weekend, which is also when I'm doing the Vs Project 4 person art battle, which yeah I'm kinda terrified about cuz that competition is stiff, yo. I'm the only one of the 4 who isn't a published comic book artist or animator. I just design sub-par shirts for mass market consumption of the lowest common denominator during the day and boobies at night. But hey, it's cool. I'll be the underdog. I'm like Rudy! :D

Really, I'm just excited that there are people who actually think I can compete on a scale with these other 3 mad talented folks. Even if I totally crash and burn (which I'm fully expecting to), it's still awesome exposure for myself and my art.

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  1. You're looking cute as usual! Love the hair style. And that derby poster is wicked!! I can't wait to see it finished.


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