Friday, May 7, 2010

::Exasperated Sigh::

So yeah. If I have my way, I am never doing what I've done to myself these past few weeks again. Double-stacking projects, weird experimental shit, insanely tight deadlines, my inability to tell people 'No.'. Yeah, hopefully. I mean sure, it's nice to be busy. But when I'm doing all that and have a full time day job it gets to be a bit too much at times. It can lead to be getting a little... TENSE.

Much like this:

LOL- I've always identified with that bit, even as a kid.

But anyways, enough whining! Onto the art n' stuff. :D

Finished the bout poster for Charm City Roller Girl's upcoming June bout, that's an homage to Savage She-Hulk #1's cover by John Buscema. Rather happy with how it turned out. It was fun to get back into doing comic covers, this time with added 'special effects' of pages to add to the validity of it being a comic cover.

Also some progress on the bodycast of Rachel Kramer Bussel for Fancy Sexy Me's launch party next week at Shag.

Almost done! Gotta do a couple more little filler tats, spray it down with a matte enamel and Gorilla glue the pasties on.

Then it gets to be presented at the Punk Rock Peepshow at Shag next Friday May 14th. I'll be coming out for it, maybe I'll see you there?

ALSO! TOMORROW! I'm doing this tomorrow!! I'm COMPETING!! HOLY CRAP I'M NERVOUS!

Check out all the info here!


  1. I love the poster. Absolutely classic.

  2. OMG, that Charm City RG poster rocks my socks off! I love it!


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