Monday, May 10, 2010

Aftermath: The VS Project

So yeah, wow. I'm still in a bit of recovery from how crazy Saturday's VS Project: The Bracket went. It was kind of insane! Oh yeah and HOLY CRAP I WON!!

My piece: King Kong and Statue of Liberty

The contest went like this: 4 artists (me, Khary Randolph, Nikki Cook and Emilio Lopez- all heavy hitters) in 3 rounds comprising of 45 minutes to draw from scratch a picture that was NYC-inspired and contained at least 1 landmark.

You also had to allow space in your piece for a 'wild card' element that would be voted in by the audience out of 5 choices pertaining to the NYC theme. Photographic reference was allowed, but no previous drawing or 'sketch notes' allowed. 1st round was sketching everything out then a 20 minutes break for artists.

My friends brought a sign- they never cease to amaze me with their awesomeness.

At the beginning of the second round the wild card element was announced, being a NYC taxi cab (out of the possible choices of a pizza, subway token, subway car and taxi). The 2nd round you had to draw out the new element, all the while still working on the original concept as well.

It required an insane amount of time management. There wasn't alot of time to be wasted figuring stuff out, you just had to do it.

At the end of the second round came the first eliminations. Two artist would get booted and two would continue onto the final round. Nikki and I made it to the finals, where we finished out the final 45 minutes head to head.

Foxy Boxing for comic books

To deal with the insane amount of stress I *pounded* 6 beers and a vodka shot over the duration of the match, so yeah by the time I was announced as the winner, I was rather inebriated, which added to my shock and amazement. That and I've never won anything before, EVER.

Slideshow of pictures from the event:

For those who couldn't make it on Saturday to the VS Project, you can still vote on the NYC-themed piece you dig the most for a limited amount of time! Click here to be taken to the voting page!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who was involved in and who came out for the Vs Project, it was an amazing and exilarating day! Much love to Ukr8 for getting it all together, and to my fellow artists Khary, Emilio and Nikki! Much love and respect to all 3 of you- you guys kick so much ass and do beautiful work! To be included in a competition with such an amazing collection of talent is very awe-inspiring to me. Like I said at the beginning of the event, as an unpublished artist who has just started on her path to being a professional this has been an amazing experience. That a mere 5 years ago I was living in my folks basement and working a dead-end mall job, I wouldn't have ever dared to dream of taking part in something like this, let alone end up winning. Holy crap.

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  1. I'm really glad Kong finally found a woman his own size. He was getting ridiculous for awhile there -- I blamed the media's depiction of women.


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