Saturday, November 2, 2013

My birthday and wedding anniversary!

Hey everybody! It being fall, the convention season (for me at least) is over. However to make up for what my BFF Fenny and I have dubbed 'PCD', or 'Post-Convention Depression' I have both my husband and my birthdays to look forward to as well as our wedding anniversary. The end of October and beginning of November have become a bit indulgent, to say the least. Lots of cake and dinners and drinks to smooth over the fact that I won't be behind another convention table for 6 months. Which is a relief as the winter months are when I plan out most of my upcoming year's conventions and major projects but a bummer cuz I'm not as social.

My husband Ballsy, with his cake on his birthday 10/15.
My cake on my birthday 10/30, from Momofuuku Milk Bar.
Birthday dinner date at Madiba in Brooklyn, an awesome South African joint.
I ALWAYS let my server know it's my birthday. Cuz HELLO FREE CAKE.
My husband and I at Santos Anne in Brooklyn for our anniversary on 11/2.
I'm starting to also get over the most debilitating part of my 'PCD', which is my inability to draw for the first couple weeks after a show, especially one as major as NYCC. I think it's part over-stimulation and a need to process everything. It being the end of the convention year all of my work has been presented, so I need to figure out what my next step is with my art. I have to take a moment to step back and assess my art and figure out what my next steps are to make my stuff even better. Also lots of time to really hunker down and get back on plotting out my eventual comic Pearly Whites, which is coming along nicely. So here's looking forward to a productive fall and winter!!

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