Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New mini print set: 10th and Rose

It was inevitable that in my time doing conventions and fan art that I'd do a spin on Doctor Who, and I finally figured out which rendition I'd do after I saw the episode "The Idiot's Lantern" where the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler go back to the 50's and get spiffy outfits. I decided to make it a mini print set with a shared background of Rose's foggy London back alley and the TARDIS to unify them. Cuz you know, OTP.


I'm probably going to do a variant of this set with the Doctor and Rose in their regular street clothes as well at some point down the line.

Process pics:

Rough pencils

Inks on vellum
Scanned inks being colored in Photoshop
Almost done!!

Some lucky peeps at Awesome Con and Special Edition got to snag some of the magnets early!!

I'll have plenty more at future shows, along with print sets and other goodies. Keep an eye on my Convention Schedule to see where I'll be next.

Won't be seeing you? You can get the print as a single sheet over at Society 6!

 I'll also be adding the magnets to my etsy store once I restock!

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