Friday, April 24, 2015

Princess Kashmir

Another piece of art that's been floating around in my brain for awhile- a retro-inspired burlesque poster featuring Princess Kashmir from The Simpsons, specifically season 1 episode 10, "Homer's Night Out".

Last fall was the Every Simpsons Ever marathon on TV and my husband and I watched it pretty rigorously for the first few seasons. I was actually pretty impressed with how I was able to remember so many season 1 episodes word-for-word after not watching them for at least 10 years. (And maybe getting a little misty over the "Moaning Lisa" episode- which reminds me so much of myself as the less-than-perfect 10 year old girl I was when it came out. My parents STILL refer to it when I go into my sensitive artist mode.)

Princess Kashmir in Simpsons form
Progress shots:

Inks on vellum.
Inking Gulliver Dark on vellum.
Coloring scanned inks in Photoshop.

More coloring in Photoshop.
Poster layouts. Creating text in Illustrator, arranging the poster in Photoshop.


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