Friday, May 22, 2015

Heads up, Cali! I'm coming to Designer Con 2015!

So here goes! It looks like I'm gonna do it! If everything fares well, this November I will be vending at my *first* West Coast convention: Designer Con! I'm SO EXCITED! I've had my eye on Designer Con for awhile as a potential West Coast convention to attend. The art scene out there is so much up my alley, plus California in general has stolen so many of my creative friends from NYC. (I'm looking at you, DC Comics...)

I'm going to be sharing a booth with my pal Peter Goode Art and my husband Phil and I will be taking a much deserved vacation the rest of the week, visiting stuff like Disneyland, Universal, Little Tokyo... So many things to check out. I haven't been to LA since I was a little kid, and then it was only because my family had won a trip to Disneyland. I'm excited to go back! Plus bonus: since I'm going at the end of November I'll be getting out of NYC just when the weather has gotten shitty.

Peter Goode and his creepy awesome monster paintings.
PLEASE HELP SUPPORT ME this very expensive trip I'll be taking (I've calculated the costs of going and I kind of want to cry...)! Visit me at one of my upcoming convention appearances and buy some of my merch! Not in the area? Check out my Society 6 store! Or my Stickermule marketplace! I might even get my etsy store restocked one of these days, haha! 

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