Monday, December 31, 2012

Holidays 2012

And another year down in the books. 2012 was definitely a VERY productive year full of new merch and new techniques for art. It also marks my first full calendar year as a work-at-home freelance artist, manga letterer and housewife! I also produced my second artbook, had a wildly successful solo art show, printed my first wave of tshirts, helped forge my best friend's independent design house, and had my first podcast interview. I have lots of fun new projects planned in the new year, and really look forward to 2013!

At Chris and Cass's Christmas Party during the White Elephant gift exchange-
Me: "I got booze!"
Everyone: "YAAAAYYY!!"

My beloved husband Phil and I in his hometown in Missouri over Christmas

A low-key New Years Eve at my in-laws

While in Missouri visiting my in-laws I was able to get A LOT of stuff done without my computer- lots of inking and painting on vellum. So glad I packed some stuff to work on!

A portrait of one of my favorite couples- Paul and Chelsea!

A Playing Card Queen with burlesque fans!
She is currently for sale HERE.
Some progress shots:

the sketch!

Inks on vellum!
I like inking on vellum a lot- it's not for everyone but it's def worth a try.

Painting with paint pens!
I ink directly on the vellum. A lot of my digital stuff I'll clean up in illustrator/photoshop. I was away from my computer though so I just went gung-ho on this piece. I flip back and forth but always do the inks on top (tracing my pencils) and the colors and whites on the back. I also use prismacolor grey markers for shading, either on top when shading colors or on the back if just using markers on the straight vellum. As I am perfecting my methods I hope to take part in more gallery shows where I can showcase my work to even more potential fans. 

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