Thursday, December 6, 2012

November 2012- Lil Bub and lil' bags

Hey! Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Been busy this past month with some varying projects, Thanksgiving, lettering away at some manga, attempting to regularly go to the gym and trying to actually be social n' stuff. Which I know, weird...

Selfie in the bathroom of Double Down Saloon
I also got to meet a CELEBRITY this month!! 
Being internet cat sensation and most amazing creature on the planet-
Lil' Bub!

There was a meet n' greet to a roomful of cooing girls (myself included) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the BARC (Brooklyn Animal Rescue Center) where Lil Bub was selling 'kisses' for a dollar and 30% of all sales of Bub merch went to the center.  So I bought a tshirt and tote and got to hold her tiny polydactyl paw. It was magical!

As for projects I am working on lately, I just recently completed some new designs for my best friend Fenny's design house Little Asian Sweatshop, and we've got some crazy stuff planned! We've finally started figuring out how to utilize the Spoonflower website- which if you haven't heard about, is a really cool printer of direct-to-garment REAMS OF FABRIC.

Luchadora Fabric!
Drawn by me, designed by Maria Danalakis!
Little Asian Sweatshop and I have BIG PLANS for 2013, including Paigey-designed bags and even apparel further down the road. We're concentrating first on a line of make-up/pencil/stash bags with matching liners and zippers.

Little Asian Sweatshop already has Luchadora makeup/pencil bags in stock
on her etsy site!!
And we're already taking the bag design a step further with art that I am composing with the intention of being on the bag from the start, including these tattooed sailor mermaids:

Be sure to keep an eye out for this and future bag releases!!

I have a lot more bag designs planned, and also hope to get some of my other artist friends on board with their own via LAS once we've perfected the method for creating these. Then we plan to move on to purses, totes and eventually even apparel including dresses and tops! Very exciting!

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