Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sailor Moon poster progress- The Scouts

Still working on this monstro-sized poster for the upcoming 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon themed show out in California this summer: Moon Crisis 2014. If you haven't already seen, I'm working on a giant Victorian style poster featuring all 5 inner Scouts and the entire theme song in fancy typography. I'm also planning on making some jewelry and such out of the individual portraits of each Scout, so I'm working on everything in separate piece to maximize the usage I can get out of it. You know me, I fully plan on merching the shit out of this thing once it's done. Haha.

Inner Senshi

Sailor Mars

Sailor Jupiter (my fave)

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Venus (with Artemis)

Had way too much fun drawing these. It's like visiting old friends. A few friends were suggesting I draw portraits of the outer Senshi as well, we'll see. Maybe later on down the road. :)

Progress shot of the full poster.
It's for "research"...
Choking hazard: EVERYONE.

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