Sunday, February 16, 2014

New merch, sketches and a TUTORIAL!

This month I was invited by Natalie Kim to come to Frederator Studios to speak on her video podcast, It's A Draw to talk about streamlining inks in Illustrator using the LiveTrace and Pen tools. Learn professional technical terms like 'jaggedy', 'wonky' and 'just slide them around til it looks good'.

Little sketch for sanity amongst tons of work for other people. Realizing that my eventual comic featuring vampires is probably going to have a lot of night scenes, my New Year's resolution is to become better at light sources and colored shadows/highlights.

 Also got a new banner for my convention table!

 Got new stickers of my UTZ & Boh artwork on my etsy store!

 And new promo stickers I'm giving out with purchases from my etsy store and convention table!

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