Saturday, February 4, 2012

Threadless Pinup Contest

So Threadless has a Pinup design contest right now, which I couldn't *not* enter. Even though I've never entered anything on Threadless before. It's running from Jan 30th- Feb 20th and my piece is up for voting until this coming Friday February 10th. So please vote for me and give me as high a score as you see fit (*cough* 4-5 *cough*).

If I win I get a nice little amount of money that I can use to pay my COBRA and some ghastly credit card debt. And my art will be on a shirt that you can buy, which is exciting and has never happened before. I may even submit more art to Threadless, as people have been asking me when I'm going to put my art on tshirts. May as well get paid for it, instead of paying for it.

Also please vote for me because right now I'm losing out to a Photoshop brush that's actually of another dude's painting which this entrant is trying to pass off as his own work, which is SO NOT COOL. I dont mind losing if it's to a worthy opponent, but so far pretty much all of the other entrants are swiping, tracing photographs of models (like Bettie Page), using 3D programs like Poser, using licensed characters or brands, using clip art or it's just... well... BAD. Anatomically, compositionally, like not even student work. Like NO ONE would want a shirt with that on it and Threadless would be fools to think it would sell (or in some cases- not get sued). Being someone who worked professionally on tshirts for over 4 years I reluctantly have learned a few things about designing tshirts, and now that I'm not in that hectic, stressful environment where I am no longer designing with a gun to my head I can sit back and let the last few years worth of knowledge that was crammed into my skull properly marinate. Anywho, if all works out and I win I hope to try and get a few more shirts done thru Threadless in the future and hopefully help bring it up to the higher standard of cool shirts that it was when I was too intimidated to enter. Cuz there is a lot of riff-raff on that site right now.


Thank you!!


  1. "And i didnt know it was a piece. It was a brush i found online
    " wtf does that mean? So he found a PS brush that outputs this image, exactly? So he enters THAT into a contest? lame-o

    1. OMG I know, the sheer audacity of some of these entrants is baffling. Like, no professional responsibility.

  2. I can't agree with you more! I was astounded to find out that was a brush! the coop rip off was easy. You get my vote!


  3. 3 more days to vote on my design but the entire contest runs til the 20th. All entrants have their piece votable for a week.
    Looks like I'm gonna have my ass handed to me by that pincushion guy
    ( he's like an OG Threadless guy- plus the idea *is* really cute and he's got that 'house style' down pat. We'll see though. If I lose, I hope its just to him, but people seem to really take comfort in shirts of licensed characters (Peach, Samus) versus something original. Ah well, it's fine- I've probably invested too much energy in it anyways. If anything this experience will just fuel my desire to design fabric with my pinups on it to get printed at spoonflower so Fenny can make dresses and we can sell them directly to folks at cons/on etsy.


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