Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plugging Away...

Hi everybody! Not too much to report. I've had 2 weeks in between finishing the lettering of Airgear #24 and starting Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex #3 to focus on some personal projects and long overdue commissions. Here's a couple peeks into what I've been up to:

Gotta love the roller derby commissions!

Inking a portrait for tattoo artist Cyn Rudzis,
who did my Wonder Woman tattoo.

My Christmas present from beloved husband Ballsy also came in- a new iMac since my old one of 6+ years was starting to choke up on me. So nowww I have BOTH of them hooked up and ready to go- and it's looking to be a pretty sweet little set-up. My old iMac (on the right, below) will be used for internets, music and movies; while my new silver iMac will do all of my graphics work, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Beloved husband even got this cool app called Teleport, which allows you to control both computers with one mouse and keyboard. It even makes a cool 'fwoosh!' noise when you go in between screens.

Ground control to Major Pum...
I'm also getting heavily back into my merch and crafting game. Now living the freelance lifestyle my social calendar is at the mercy of an irregular ebb and flow of fundage so I am looking to make as much money as possible at the events I'm planning to attend this year. (Side note: I have now added a calendar of what events I'm actually attending this year to the side bar of the blog.) Plus I just *love* making things. It relaxes me and fills me with a sense of pride. ^__^ So yeah, the first event of the year I'll be selling at is the March 10th bout for Charm City Roller Girls at DuBurns Arena in Baltimore. I'm totally catering my merch to the audience and trying to come up with ideas for stuff that will tie in with the themes for the event. Yay sales. When it's stuff I actually CARE about and can stand behind, I love being a salesperson.

Making magnets of the CCRG 'mascots' Ballsy
designed for his bout poster a few years back
I've also been churning out hair flower designs for Little Asian Sweatshop so quickly that poor Fenny can barely keep up! Here's a few she cranked out this week!

Versatile red bandana flower!
Great for bikers, rockabillies or gangstas!
For all you Anglophiles out there:
The Union Jack flower!
And the 'crown jewel' of LAS-
(at least for now...)
Fenny and I have broken NEW GROUND in hair flower technology!
For all you Portal fans, the glowing
GLaDOS personality core flower! 
Be sure to visit the Little Asian Sweatshop and check out all the cool stuff we've got on the way!

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