Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aftermath: King Con Brooklyn (11/7-8)

Hi hi! So yeah, last weekend was King Con Brooklyn, which was quite a success! Was an intimate SPX-like convention, basically an entire artist alley, which was nice because it basically became a meet-and-greet for fellow NYC artists. I made back my table money in sales, which is all one can truly hope for when getting a table at a con. You always end up taking a loss somewhere- be it traveling, paying for product to sell, food to eat, etc, etc. It was super-cool since it was primarily local peeps in attendance, I actually got some recognition from being at other local events around the city and from plastering my stickers and postcards are around town. It was especially funny when someone recognized my cards from the Thai restaurant in Long Island City, Queens that I sometimes go to after work to pick up dinner. I've been dropping them off, thinking nothing of it. It's nice to know there is actually some sort of payoff in running around town with a heavy purse full of self-promotional material. My space was also very awesome. I had an 8' table up against the 'wall', which was actually a wall made of about 3 rows of church pews, so I was able to sit quite comfortably during the two long 10am-7pm days of the convention. I do love going to comic conventions and working my table, meeting fans and fellow creators- but I am also VERY relieved this was my last con for the year. As much as I love doing them, they certainly take alot out of me. Especially since I only leave my table when I ABSOLUTELY have to. XP All the talking, pitching, conversing, getting excited over things and humoring the occaisional weirdo while fun in short bursts can definitely become exhaustive over an 8 hour shift. I usually end up going straight home after the con is over for the day and throwing my jammies on. But I'll be able to rest up for MoCCA Fest in April, which will be my next convention appearance! More on that as it gets closer!

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  1. Hi, I stopped by your table over the weekend and am doing the blog round now. Again, great drawings and always nice to meet a fellow Queens artist! I never got back around to give you a card, but feel free to check out my blog:



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