Thursday, September 3, 2009

Work it.

Finally took some product shots of my roller derby necklaces, and also opened up my etsy store finally, which you can check out here or by scrolling down and seeing on the right panel over there. I haven't done much to it yet to personalize it, I plan to, just been mad busy, as always. So excited about my accesory line- my necklaces, the Derby Girl in particular, are also going to be sold at L.A. Derby Dolls
bouts via the Girls Drawin Girls merch table. They'll go for $10 each and will be available in a variety of colors. So excited to expose my art to a whole new coast. Also sent some out to my buddies at for their product review. Hopefully that'll drum up more interest in other derby leagues carrying my products. I'm also working on new images to make into jewelry and I'm even getting my boyfriend Phil's artwork into the mix, with hopefully his own offshoot line as well. Also doodled up a cute little redhead, named Cherry. I'm planning on some accessories of her as well.

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