Monday, September 14, 2009

Lots of exciting news!!!

Hey everybody!! Got alot of exciting news to let you know about!!

First off, Miss Mary Jane is up for pre-order at!! She's going for $50 before they start sculpting her, but once she hits her initial 20 preorders she'll jump up to $60 a pop! So if you're absolutely certain you want one before you see the sculpt, here's your chance to get her on sale. There's only 8 slots left at this discounted rate as of right now, so get on it folks! I'm so excited to see how she turns out!

Also, my roller derby necklaces have been reviewed by my pals at Super-nice little write up, you can get your own either directly thru me or thru my store over there on the lower right hand side of this here blog. I'm hoping it'll get the attention of some more roller derby leagues who'd like some necklaces for their merch booth. FYI- I offer bulk discounts! Also look for some of my necklaces to be on sale over on the west coast at the LA Derby Dolls' next bout at the GirlsDrawinGirls booth! I'm also starting to get some of my fellow artist friends involved in my jewelry/accessories/magnet making empire as well, and have started my first offshoot brand of accessories featuring illustrations from my boyfriend Phil 'Ballsy' Balsman. Look for more artists' work in the following months!

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