Saturday, October 3, 2015

Aftermath: Baltimore Comic Con 2015

Baltimore Comic Con 2015 marks *8* years of attending comic conventions as a professional exhibitor! Man o Manischewitz! It almost seems like I know what I'm doing at these things, right? Haha! I've got you all fooled!

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I've been writing about Baltimore Comic Con for as long as I've had this blog (which is actually coming up on a good long while!) and going is always a treat. It's my hometown show so I get to see an interesting mix of folks- friends from my past intermingle with the new and it's always a fun party at my table that I set up alongside my best friend in the whole wide universe: Fenny from Little Asian Sweatshop. I always do rather well at this show and I'm able to save money by staying at my parents house a mere 15 minutes away.

I also changed up my appearance for the first time in quite a few years: chopping off my hair into a short pixie-ish cut and dying it royal blue! I needed a change and had this realization that my hair when long had been spending 95% of the time clipped up, which is kinda pointless. I also have very little hair styling ability and once I'm dona fixing my bangs and spit curls I'm just about at the end of my patience- so I figured let's keep the front the same and just chop off the back. Easy Peasy!

Spoopiest of the Spoopys

I am VAMPYR!!!!

AMAZING Elvira and Pee-Wee cosplayers that were in character! So good!

They made me SO HAPPY!

With Kayley and Sharon of Cosplay 10.6 as Gwen and MJ

I am WORTHY!! With Kayley of Cosplay 10.6 as Thor

With Hunter Spanks, tattoo artist at Have Fun Be Lucky! This is his FIRST COSPLAY! Awww!

Here's a video interview with me from Sunday with Loading Snacks:

Fenny and I's tradition of post-con crabs at Captain James

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