Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bi-Coastal! My art is in both Image Comics and Sailor Moon tribute shows this month!

Two group art shows opened up this month, one in Los Angeles and another right here in New York City. 

Out in LA, the Moon Crisis 2014 Sailor Moon tribute show opened at the Rothick Art Haus to a massive crowd of cosplayers and fans. LA Weekly has some amazing photos from the event. I unfortunately couldn't make it to the show as trips to LA are expensive, but if you are in the area there will be a second opening for the show on August 9th, and then the show continues running until August 30th.After that, you will be able to purchase a print of your own from my Society 6 page or through me directly at my upcoming convention appearances.

You can see my piece all the way to the left on the end.
My Sailor Moon poster!

Back here in New York City, I'm also taking part in One-Shot Gallery's From Spawn to Saga: Image Comics at 22 show. The micro gallery is in St. Mark's Comics in the East Village, NYC- one of my most favorite neighborhoods in the world. My Ladytron piece is available for sale either at the store or over the internet via the online gallery.

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