Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Society 6 Merch in REAL LIFE!

This Christmas about 99% of my presents given were items purchased thru my Society 6 store. Admittedly my intentions for doing this were a bit selfish. They don't offer samples of your work (which is understandable as that could be easily abused...) so if I want to check out the quality of the plethora of items Society 6 has to offer with my artwork on it, I have to cough up the money myself. Also my family is notoriously hard to shop for, and having a gift of my artwork on usable items like coffee mugs, pillows and totebags makes it hard to regift or return. Plus they really dug them all, so yay! Double win! Check out my Society6 store HERE!
The Queen coffee mug: get it HERE
I was rather happy with the quality of printing on my items. Some colors were a little off or washed out (Society6 prints using RGB colors instead of CMYK colors...) especially on the mugs, but the printing on the totes and pillowcases is bright and beautiful.

Knockout tote: get it HERE
 Now I want to buy a ton of stuff from both mine and my friend's sites on Society6 for myself. I mean, one can never have too many tote bags, right? Also, all friends/family going forward get Society6 merch for their birthdays/holidays.

Blonde and Brunette Sailor Mermaid mugs:
  get them HERE and HERE.
 For the most part my only gripe now is that I can't buy my own pieces in bulk to have available at my convention table. Or I could, but the prices would have to be crazy expensive to make any sort of profit. Or I could buy one and label it 'Display Only' and then explain where they can get one, which would be a giant pain in my tookus.

Card Queen throw pillow: get it HERE.
Also what's cool about Society6 is that with every sale I get a percentage. Not necessarily enough to retire on as of yet, haha more like get a Venti from Starbucks. But I can definitely see how it can add up. Be sure to check it out for yourself! As I get more stuff I'll post it here!

Amor Eterno coffee mug: get it HERE.

Check out my Society6 store for yourself HERE!

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