Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aftermath: Thanks For Your Support Release Party!

All dolled up!

The merch table/ art show and photo booth before it got all crazy!

The Friday night before Baltimore Comic Con I had decided to have an artbook release party at The Ottobar for my newest book, Thanks For Your Support! as a way to see all my friends from Maryland who could come out to the art show but maybe couldn't make it (or want to go) to the con. I'm blessed to have friends and family who want to support me and my artwork, but they maybe are not so much into the comic convention scene and if they do venture out to the show I feel bad they paid an entry fee and waited in line just to see me at my table, when I could be absolutely slammed at a moment's notice and have to ignore them to sell artwork and merch. Cuz yeah, as fun and silly as cons are, it's still work for me. I'm also insanely lucky to have the awesomest best friend in the world, being Fenny of Little Asian Sweatshop who was more than happy to man my merch table so I could spend time with everyone and her husband J who was awesome to take pictures at a faux-photo booth and around the actual event.

Fenny running the merch table!


Overall the event was wildly successful, I'm definitely gonna try and figure how I can capture that lightning in a bottle for next year, as well as other shows in the future.

Photobooth and event shots by J!

The art! Some of it is still for sale and will be put up on my etsy page!

Me being a goober during the 'dance party':

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