Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sketch Dump!

So I'm going a bit crazy with some sketching the last few nights, and figured I'd share some of what I've been working on! 

I've simultaneously got both colors and the background sketch going on with my Derby Dazzler vs. Hellfire Club commission. (See earlier progress shots here!) The guy who got it has been super-cool with letting me do what I want at my own pace. Commissions for portraits, which I usually do, are fun and rewarding but they're usually for a specific deadline (birthday/wedding) and some people can get very touchy over likenesses. And revisions, revisions, revisions. Oye. But yeah, people seem to really dig my versions of comic characters, now if only *someone* would give me a job doing that. 

 This is the kinda stuff I want to do more of. <3
MOAR X-Men Redesigns:

More X-Men redesigns. This is alt.model Psylocke in her British body,
I'll be drawing her Japanese body as well. 

Another X-Redesign: DJ Nightcrawler.
I'm also in 10-week crunch time for my most favorite/important comic convention of the year: beloved Heroescon in Charlotte, NC! YAY!! Last year was my first time and I had an absolute BLAST! Now I'm coming back and I'll have Little Asian Sweatshop and Maria Danalakis in tow as we vend from our BIG AWESOME GIANT BOOTH! Woot!! 
I'm hoping by the time Heroes rolls around the Sweatshop and I will have a prototype of the *DRESSES* we plan to start making together that will feature fabric designed by me! I'm figuring out how to make an omnidirectional fabric swatch to get printed now- and drawing little pinup girls and accompanying elements. My first fabric is going to be luchadora (Mexican wrestlers) themed. I know- random! But it's definitely fun to draw! Hopefully even more fun to wear! So excited about this!

A fierce little luchadora.

More luchadoras and some ideas for elements, like a bell.


  1. Will you sell yardage? That would be awesome!

    1. Yeah totally! Once I'm done the fabric design I'll be posting it over on and will have it for sale! I'll also be getting a % of each yard sold! So please, buy it all up!! ;D


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