Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interview from MoCCA Fest '11!

I just recently came across this very candid video interview I did at MoCCA Fest this year, by Alrick Collins, aka REDesign Qreative. I go on about Baltimore, Tex Avery, Ernesto Cabral and anatomy.

Which if you peep the viddy at :39, you can get a pretty good gander at some my own anatomy as well. ::hurr hurr hurr::

What I love is you can totally over-hear my table mate Jared telling his friend next to us about how a large percentage of people coming by to see my table are either bright-eyed girls or dirty old men.

You can see my full con report for MoCCA Fest 2011 here!


  1. Love your work! I hope to get some more someday. : )

  2. Heeheehee...you just need a sign across your bewbs that has your website on it. I'm just sayin'...


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