Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'll be vending at the Psychobilly Luau! (7/22-23)

I'll be a vendor at the 5th Annual Psychobilly Luau Weekender in NYC next month, July 22nd and 23rd!! I'm VERY excited about this! I've wanted to go for as long as I've been living in NYC but never got to for one reason or another, so going AND vending is like two awesomes in one! Yay!
I'm currently working on a few new show-specific type pieces that I'll have on merch by the time it rolls around. Nothing too crazy, just some cute little stand alone girlies that'll appeal to the psychobilly/hula crowd. I'm very excited about expanding my audience into the psychobilly crowd, I really want to start vending at other subcultural events besides comic conventions. I'm also looking into the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention as well!

One of the pieces I'm working on is a little luchadora girl with mask and cape. I think she'll make a sweet magnet/brooch and maybe some stickers.

I also just recently completed a sexy little nurse on a pill, titled '..For What Ails Ya!'

So far I have her on some pillboxes and as a magnet/brooch. She sure is a cutie! ^_^

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