Friday, January 7, 2011

Hey! It's 2011 and I'm doing stuff...

Happy New Year, all!! I'm back from my week and a half in Maryland and Missouri to visit family for the holidays. Felt like I was gone 2 months. Time moves differently outside NYC. Fun to see everyone but I'm so glad to be in my own house among my stuff and my precious furbaby Loki.

Sooooo happy. She purred so loud when we got home we could hear her across the room.

So yeah, my New Year's resolution for 2011 is to take the same amount of energy I expended in 2010 on extroversion and focus on some introversion. While 2010 was a big art/business/public persona year, I think 2011 is going to be a very personal/ introspective year for me. More looking inward to myself, taking 'me' time, focusing on the creation and experimentation of art than just getting it out there. I definitely need to get back on track with some drawing for me. Been stretching myself too thin this 2nd half of the year with all the conventions and my dayjob and just crazy extra curricular projects. I need to get on some drawing for me time hardcore. I look at this blog and it's all pictures from cons and parties the past 6 months, no art! Same with my FB fan page, that poor, neglected thing! Who knows, maybe I'll even get to writing something this year. (Whoa now...)

To flex my creative muscles, I've been taking on a few new projects that are pretty much just for me to dick around with.

One, being The 365 Project, which is when you take and post 1 photo per day for an entire year.

The other being a collaboration with my friend Ida's company Bitchcraft Apparel, of hand decorated lipstick/stash cases featuring my artwork. Each black or brocade case will be unique with sequin trim around both the image on top and the mirror inside, they are big enough to hold 2 lipstick tubes- or something a little more illict maybe? ~__^ They will be available for $20 each at various locations, including my etsy store and convention tables, Girls Drawin Girls' etsy store and convention tables and 9th Life in Baltimore Maryland.

Other than that though I'm working on the last of my commissions before I take the year off and work on some more personal pieces, and I'm also working on a submission to Udon's Mega man tribute book that I'm not allowed to show. (Boo!) No telling if I'll actually make it into the book or not, but if I have a chance to I'm definitely taking it. My submission is going to be a Big Daddy Roth style Tron Bonne in her robot from Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

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